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Monday, December 21, 2015

Last Minute Christmas Eve & New Years Party Dress Ideas*

Last year was probably the first time I'd ever been out 'clubbing' on Christmas Eve. The idea had never really appealed to me, as with Christmas Day, family time is always quite lively. The day is always filled with food, music, loud talking.. nothing which can be tolerated or stomached whilst hungover. Not for me anyway. As I'm hosting my family's Christmas this year, I think going out the evening before is out of the question! There's no way I can wake up early and peel vegetables with a hangover from hell! So I think a small gathering at my flat with one or two cocktails will suffice and still be alright in the morning. And really, you can't sip cocktails in your jimmy jams (pyjamas). Even the most casual of girls cocktail nights deserve a bit of effort! A nice dress, slick of makeup and some amaretto sours. Perfection.

Whether you're hitting the local nightclubs and bars this Thursday or staying home with a few friends and some bubbly, Christmas calls for a party dress. I know I'll be sporting a rather lovely white dress I was so kindly sent.

Preparing for a night such as this takes days of planning for girls. How will you afford it? Have you got a pair of eyelashes ready? And most importantly.. what will you wear? It's too good of an occasion to just wear any old thing from the back of your wardrobe, so it has to be something new! 

But where can you find dresses this last minute? I've found a number of online stores have fast delivery around Christmas, but I've also had awful experiences with missed deliveries, leaving me without something to wear, which literally ruins any girls' night. This time of year, we want fast, reliable service, with dressed that won't break the bank and have a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Luxemme have some super affordable party dresses and offer Next Day Delivery. If you order tonight, it can arrive by Wednesday!

Take a look at their Celebrity range on their website, it's full of on-trend cut outs, halter-necks and plunge styles. My favourite was the Elodie Crepe Flared Sleeve Cape Dress. I hate having my shoulders out, so this is perfect for covering them up and also having my arms out at the same time. I love the cape look to this dress, and the cut is so complementary. I always used to think that white would make me look larger, but actually this doesn't. The sleeves actually give a slimming effect and there's a gap in the sleeve material at the back to put a belt if needed.

The dress makes me feel like the Angel on top of a Christmas tree. It's just perfect! Although if you're drinking colourful cocktails, you may end up looking like you've gone through the colour run by the end of the night! I'm also a big fan of boot heels, and these glitter heel Kurt Geiger's add that little extra sparkle to the outfit! But of course, that's if I was going out. I'd swap them for comfy slippers any day!

What's your favourite Luxemme Dress?

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