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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Writing a Joint Blog | Q&A TAG

Since 2011, we've been co-writing this blog and absolutely love it! Last year, we reached a 'make or break' point and decided ultimately, it's what we enjoy and we really want to make a go of it and be successful! As the saying goes, 'by doing what you love, success will follow'.
We've noticed more recently, as we've started attending and organising more blogging events, getting involved in blogger chats and been targeting our efforts in perfecting our social media outreach,  that we're constantly being asked questions about the dynamics of it. How we work, how we manage our time, how we share the products etc. so we thought we'd do a quick Q&A/FAQ here!

Q1: What made you want to write a blog together?

J: It was so long ago now, I can't actually remember our first conversation about it! All I can remember is deliberating about what to call it! We had a mutual obsession with cosmetics and nail polishes and thought it would be great to share that with others!

K: After watching numerous Youtube videos on topics like "Whats in my handbag" back in 2011, I thought blogging would be fun and a way of justifying the hideous amount I was spending (and continue to spend) on makeup!

Q2: Who does most post writing?

J: Recently, mostly me, but I don't have uni work to be getting on with as Kirsty does. We both have such a huge backlog of things we want to blog about, but it's finding the time that's the issue! I spend most evenings working on the blog and am on twitter 24/7 too. Hopefully once Kirsty has graduated this summer, she can concentrate more on the blog :)

Q3: Is it easier generating content when there's two of you?

J: Not really! But kind of! We basically blog about our own separate things, in our own individual style about our own products, and even each go about collaborating with brands on our own, but all the content goes in one place. It doesn't necessarily mean there's more content either, as we both get quite busy and if both of us are busy, it's a disaster! 

K: I disagree because there's loads more to write about when there's two of us. We don't tend to buy the same things or go to the same places and if we've been sent something, we normally take turns to review so we're never in a position where we both want to blog about the same thing.

Q4: Who does what with social media, who are we talking to each day?

J: I spend most of my time on Twitter, Periscope and Pinterest, so it's usually me you're talking to.

K: People always have fun trying to guess who's posting, we try and make it clear but 8/10 it will be me on Instagram and Tumblr and I more or less leave Twitter to Jasmine.
Q5: If you're gifted anything or approached by brands, who gets first dibs?

J: We tend to do our own individual collabs with brands, so we keep what we review, unless there's two of a product, or if we want to give different accounts of a product, some brands are kind enough to give us one each to review - saves us having to meet up and exchange products etc. So we're kind of joint bloggers but kind of separate! After about 16 years of sharing things, I think we're used to it!

K: Jasmine usually gets in there first and gives her address, so that's usually me cockblocked. We try and do it fairly but we are sisters after all and cannot share nicely.

Q6: Do you ever argue about content?

J: There has been some disagreements in the past, after all, we are sisters! But we basically just do our own thing and post about what ever we want as long as it fits our blog theme.

K: uh, yes. Our writing styles are very different and sometimes Jasmine's posts annoy me because she is overly fond of exclamation marks. My writing can often be a little stiff rather than conversational but I'm a History student so it comes with the territory. 
As you can see, we pretty much wing it most of the time, and just do the best we can to keep our posts regular and our readers and followers engaged. You can see our New Year's blogging plan to find out how we're going to better manage our time.
We hope to turn this into a TAG, where other joint bloggers can answer the same or similar questions about the dynamics of their blogging relationship! We're so interested to know how other bloggers get on, how they know each other, how things are shared etc! So we hereby TAG Elle and Mimi, Fashion Du Jour and Original Minds. Go forth and answer the questions! Make sure you tag us back so we can read your answers!

Do you have any other questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Loved this q and a post! Coming from a joint/duo blog myself I totally agree with you both - we do separate things on our blog too but the content all goes in one place. I think it's always good to see people's reactions when you tell them you both blog; most people are a bit shocked! I love it though - the feeling of 'being in it together' is the best part.
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    1. Totally, even tonight at a blogging event, we were getting asked loads of questions about it, as it still isn't seen as a the norm. There aren't a lot of us around! It's great having someone to bounce ideas off too! xx

    2. Hi Lovely! would you mind updating your link as it is coming up as broken :) xx

  2. Hello from one pair of sisters to another!

    LOVED reading this and seeing how similar we are! We think getting to blog with your sister is possibly the best thing and sharing our mutual love of fashion, beauty and lifestyle in our little corner of the internet has been priceless -we're sure you can agree! Thank you for tagging us - we are SO looking forward to putting our Q&A together STAT! Will be sure to tag you two lovelies!

    Love Nicky and Leigh at FDJ LDN HQ x


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