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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Biotherm pure-fect skin Review

After having tried out the combination to oily skin 3 step prouducts from the biosphere pure-fect skin range I can say that I was happy with the results. I normally use the Clinique 3 step Skincare routine but it hasn’t been working out for me lately.
The first step is an anti-shine purifying cleansing gel- this didnt feel like anything special, just a regular facial soap.

It has quite a masculine citrus scent which I didn’t really like but it did leave my face feeling clean, if a little tight. It had a good lather but rinsed off quite easily. I stupidly got some in my eye which stung a little but nothing major, as it’s quite mild.
Then came the micro-exfoliating purifying toner-
I applied this with a cotton round, as directed. It was slightly more astringent than the Clinique toner and smells worse. It didn’t really have a burning effect though which is good.
It left my skin looking a little less shiny and my pores felt a lot tighter which I guess meant it was working!
Finally the pure skin effect hydrating gel- I quite liked this moisturiser. It soaked in quickly and did have an anti-shine effect, which was long lasting. It smelled gross though which was a downside. I prefer unperfumed or a nicer non-chemical scent.
Overall I would recommend this Skincare system for somebody looking for one. I don’t know about the long term use effects but short term, this did seem to work well for me.


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