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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

White & Gold Letter Cake Recipe | Kirsty's Baby Shower | Ad

I can't believe that my little nephew is almost here! Last weekend I threw Kirsty a baby shower  as she's just 8 weeks away from her due date. Inviting her friends, our close family and colleagues, I found a lovely venue and started planning what food and decorations we'd need. I decided on a white and gold theme and headed straight for Pinterest for some pretty cake ideas. Letter cakes have been such a big thing on Instagram and Pinterest for the last year or so, I just had to try my hand at creating one for Kirsty's special day.  With a fluffy sponge and super sweet springy icing, I managed to create the perfect letter cake recipe which I've detailed below.. read on to find out how to create your own letter cake!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Creating the Perfect Sleep Sanctuary | Tips for Better Sleep | Ad

I've mentioned a few times before about my struggles sleeping and how I've used various products to help me get more sleep. Since I wrote those posts, I've still struggled to settle into a proper sleeping pattern, or wake up refreshed. Having been diagnosed with Chronic Migraines and suffering from whiplash and various other back issues following a go-karting accident in April 2018, my disrupted sleep hasn't quite gotten back to normal yet. I've invested in an incredible iGel mattress and pillow set, I take tablets for my migraines which knock me out (sometimes), got blackout blinds, purchased a mist diffuser with essential oils to aid sleep, and have even started going to bed earlier. Most of all, I've found it's really important to get your surroundings right and ensure your sleep sanctuary is just that.. a sanctuary.

Sunday, March 03, 2019

We Tried Hertford's Newest Addition | The Hummingbird Pub

In one of the towns I've had the pleasure to call home, a new gastro pub has popped up that's sure to make a lasting impression on locals and visitors alike. With flavoursome food and an exciting drinks menu,  Hertford's Fore Street is now home to Aspley Pub's The Hummingbird* and I'm so gutted it only popped up after I'd already moved counties! Having attended their launch, and received a personal tour of the venue by the fabulous General Manager Jan Nova, this pub is just what Hertford town centre so desperately needed, and boy, their chilli cheese balls are to. die. for.


Getting Back into Shape in 2019 | Esquared Fitness

How is it March already?! 2019 is slipping through my fingers and my body hasn't quite got the message that it's no longer Christmas, or a time for fattening up for hibernation (I totally wish that humans actually hibernated!). With a friend's wedding and a potential holiday on the cards this year, I think it's about time I got more active and started cutting down on all the junk food I've been scoffing... My banking app legit sent me a message the other week saying if I go to McDonalds one more time this month, it'll start listing it as a monthly bill. HAHAHA Shame on me! 

In this bid to kick-start my metabolism (or what is left of it) ahead of Lent and become happier and healthier this year, I've teamed up with Esquared* to challenge myself to workout during my lunch breaks using their new London based Fitness App.
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