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Friday, July 24, 2020

Ad | 4 Things I'll Be Doing The Summer After Lockdown

Oh my christ, lockdown has been going on forever, and we're only JUST being forced to wear masks... Jojo's 'too little too late' comes to mind, but that's a rant for another day. Over 4 months we've been stuck inside, working from home, staying away from family and getting used to the new norm, but it's so hard not to think of what we could have been doing this summer if Corona never hit.

I had festivals in mind, parties, a 2-week relaxing holiday, days out at one of the Wimbledon Hospitality 2021 facilities and some super chilled evenings, it actually makes me quite sad knowing I've got to wait a whole year to do all of these things that were put on hold. But at least planning them now gives me some hope that there is an end to all this and there's something to look forward to.

1. Holiday
I can't tell you how much I need a holiday. It's been 3 years since my last beach break and I feel so incredibly pale (and therefore miserable). We had a nice couple weeks of sun in England so far this year but you'll certainly agree with me that it simply is not the same. I need a cocktail in hand, bbq on the go and music by the pool long walks on the beach in the evening and day excursions into the small surrounding towns. I was supposed to be down in the Algarve this summer. Two long weeks of relaxation, tanning and swimming; a welcome break from my usual busy working life and backbreaking DIY hobbies. Next year, I've been looking at holidays to Greece or Turkey, with an all-inclusive 4-5* hotel, infinity pool, beaches, nightlife, spas - the works, because quite frankly, I think I deserve it!

2. Festivals and Gigs
I've been to a few smaller independent festivals, as well as Latitude that I got to attend with my work, I really want to go to some more, like V Fest, Glasto, SW4 and other huge festivals with big line ups. I really enjoy the atmosphere, the people you meet, the food and of course, the music. The only gig I've been to since 2009, was for Lennon Stella, which was absolutely incredible. If you've not heard of her, go check her out, but I think it's about time I make it more of a regular habit, as I actually quite miss being in crowds of people in a collectively enjoyable place, all having fun, mingling, sharing our love for the artist's music and having a great time. Some on my list for next year, should they announce tour dates, are Bastille, Miley Cyrus and Ed Sheeran, as I've seen Bastille perform at a festival and they were really good, and Miley & Ed are just two gigs I think would be unforgettable!

3. London Sporting Events
I've never really been one for sport, but the idea of heading to Ascot and Wimbledon has always appealed to me. A football match, however - just no. You don't even need to like tennis to enjoy Wimbledon. Known for the scones and jam and champagne, it seems like the perfect quintessentially British summer day out. The Lawn is one of the Wimbledon experiences I'd probably look at booking. With private areas, an à la carte menu, afternoon tea and champers with live music and tickets to centre court, it's a great package to spoil yourself. And I think after giving up an entire summer and staying indoors, we deserve to spoil ourselves. 

4. Staycations
As we're kind of still in lockdown, lots of people are heading to different parts of the country for some country breaks away from work and COVID-19. Though until things are totally back to normal, to me, it doesn't seem that likely that a staycation is really doable. Not all hotels and Airbnbs are open, towns and cities are still with social distancing measures and I just feel you won't be able to truly explore everything the UK has to offer or enjoy yourself if you're still constantly worrying about catching Corona or remembering your mask and to stay a safe distance away from people. So next year, my plan is to book an Airbnb or holiday cottage somewhere remote, perhaps the Scottish Highlands or Yorkshire Moors and just enjoy the company of my husband and dog, go on long walks, explore small towns on the way and spend some quality time together, not worrying about anything or anyone or work deadlines. 

I honestly can't wait for next year, the socialising, the safety, the sun. This year was supposed to be full of fun and adventure, but I guess that will all have to wait until next year now, with all of these plans in place for an unforgettable summer.


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