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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Every inch counts!

I am quite literally OBSESSED with heels! At a short 5ft 4”, I always feel the need to wear heels on a night out. Yes they may kill my feet till they feel as though they’re bleeding.. but No pain, No gain as the saying goes!
A platform is a MUST HAVE for me! The taller the heel, the better. My favourite shoes to wear out at the moment, are my Esmerelda heels from KG by Kurt Geiger that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas :D I’m so spoiled, I know :)

Photo from www.Selfridges.com
They’re so comfortable, even when I’ve been wearing them all night, they don’t slip off my feet due to the secure ankle strap, and if you minus the platform height from the heel, they’re not really that high!

Also from the KG range, I really like the Emily and Naomi styles (as well as the fact they’re high.. I LOVE super high heels!)
Photos courtesy of www.kurtgeiger.com
My other heels are basically all from New Look, as it was the only shop within walking distance of my school at lunch times! They range from wedge style shoe boots to thin stiletto lace ups. Mostly all black. I tend not to wear brightly coloured heels, as I rarely (in fact never) go out in heels without wearing tights.. I feel that the heels would clash, so I play it safe and wear black shoes.

I’ve had my eye on three pairs of shoes on ASOS at the moment as well, I really want them! Any offers?
Photos courtesy of www.ASOS.comFor normal day-to-day wear, I stick to UGGs, or chelsea and desert boots. I really like the style of ankle boots and I’ve never really been that keen on ballet pumps. The only pair I brought with me to uni are brand new and they rub, so instead of wearing them in, I’ve just left them! They only cost me a few pounds at H&M, so I’m not too bothered.

Cannot wait until I have money again so I can hit the shops and go SHOE SHOPPING!! < my favourite kind!


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