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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Marbled Nails | How To


After getting the idea.. I got far too excited to wait till tomorrow to do a blog post about it.. I’ll make a video of me doing it to myself.. but I went and told my friend about it and she was super excited too so we did it tonight :) Marbled nails look soo cool, and rather groovy with the colours I picked out.

I used my recently purchased varnishes from H&M; Strawberry Lollipop, Pale Violet, Summer Sunrise and Pear Ice-cream


You get a different pattern every time, and that’s why I find this so cool!

All you'll need is cup full of room temperature water, several nail polishes, a couple toothpicks and remover for afterwards!

Start your nails with a white base. The colour will show up better this way. Also, be sure not to use old dried up nail polish, as you have to do this fairly quickly and need the polish dripping off the brush.

Using the glass of water, drop a small amount of nail varnish on the water's surface and keep doing so with alternating colours until you have a bullseye ring of colour.
Use the toothpick to drag the colour and create a design - drag outwards, diagonally, whatever floats your boat.
Once you've done this, dip your nail in, twirl another toothpick in there to grab all the polish then slowly lift your nail up ensuring the whole nail is covered.
Get your remover and tidy up round the edges, and hey presto, a marbled nail.

Repeat this on each nail and you should get a different pattern on each nail, cool huh?


Apologies for how messy it is around the edges.. It hadn’t been completely cleaned up yet!

 It took no time at all, was a bit messy at first, but after cleaning up, the end result is well worth it!

Have you tried marbling your nail polishes before?

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