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Monday, August 20, 2012

Miss Selfridge Haul

My order has finally arrived after 4 days of waiting!
I had a look in the Sale online and scouted for some cheap items to wear on nights out etc and found these three.

These shorts are very short. They're more like knickers than anything else. I'd wear mine with a sheer blouse (as seen in the video) and heels with possibly a long chain necklace. I bought them for £5 in the sale but were £22 originally. Bargain!

This crop top/bralet is miniscule. More like a strip of material really but I quite like it and would wear it with high waisted shorts or skirt and a strapless bra (obviously). Again I purchased this in the sale for a fiver! Originally £22 so I got a really good deal there.

The playsuit is unlike something I'd usually buy.. as the playsuits I own are all black, and only really wear on nights out. But I thought for the summer months I'd wear something a bit more colourful to wear during the day time down the park or around town. The cowl neck stops this playsuit from being too dull and has a backless slit at the back aswell. I'd most definately wear this with some sort of belt, and ballet pumps or sandals. This was £17 in the sale but £35 originally.

My order came to around £25 with student discount and £4 p&p so I'm pleased!
I won't be returning any thankfully, so you'll probably be seeing me wearing them throughout the blog. I'm just about to upload a video of me trying them on and opening my order for the first time. So stay tuned!

Do you have any of these items? What would you wear them with? Where would you wear them to?

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