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Sunday, August 19, 2012


On Saturday I decided it was time to finally get foundation from M.A.C because the Sephora foundation really had not been working for me and I was tired of using tinted moisturiser all the time. I got the Matchmaster foundation in 1.5 which apparently is the approximate equivalent of NW15. So far, so good. Its got pretty good coverage and I feel like my skin can still breathe. I like the fact that it has SPF 15 too, I am not really inclined to include suncream in my skin routine so its handy to have it included! My skin is apparently a lot lighter than I thought I, but the foundation does match really well.
I also bought the 116 blush brush at the same time. I had been using a really terrible, old brush so I decided to treat myself. Its lovely and soft but still dense enough to do the trick. I have not cleaned it yet, so I can’t really comment on whether or not it sheds. It doesn’t pick up a lot of product, which is probably a good thing because I have a tendency to over do the blush!
Yesterday I was in Globus and wandered over to the M.A.C counter and despite vowing not to spend any money after my mini-break in England I ended up buying the 190 foundation brush. I did need the brush but I was going to wait until next month before I bought it. I really like it, it is great for full coverage application which, unfortunately, I kind of need at the moment.
I decided a while ago that it was important to have a proper brush collection of good quality brushes. I did have my heart set on Sigma but they are really hard for me to get hold of but M.A.C is really easy. I read a lot of reviews online beforehand and hopefully, with good care, they should last a really long time!

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