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Sunday, August 19, 2012


Im addicted to watching whats in my bag videos on youtube so I thought I would do a post version. The handbag that I am using at the moment is from Zara.
I took out the inner bag thingy because it really got on my nerves. I could never find anything inside and it kept falling off the little button things and to the bottom of the bag. I usually tie a scarf around the handle, but I took it off to put around my neck because I got cold.
I like to keep my handbag organised so I tend to stuff everything into a pouch. Ive been using my Mulberry one because the zip broke on the H&M one I was using previously. Inside I keep a compact mirror, tissues, Halo deodorant wipes, Bubblicious bubble gum in cotton candy and a random grape one, my train pass, orbit chewing gum, kirby grips, spare hair bands, Dove mini spray deodorant, cold & flu pills because I’m ill :( , iPod shuffle and headphones, O.P.I Avojuice skin quencher in Vanilla Snowflake, Soap & Glory hand cleansing gel, Stila Lipglaze in Dreamy CJ and Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry.
This is my purse, I have only had it a few months but it is quite scuffed and scratched already due to loose sharp things in my bag (likes keys). It is the Mulberry Postmans Lock Continental Wallet. It has all the usual things inside, bank cards, ID, store cards and a bit of money.
I always, optimistically, have these in my bag in case there is a teeny bit of sun. Its getting much warmer here now so I hope to actually get some use out of these! Its really hard for me to find sunglasses that suit my face shape that are not hideous so I’m happy I bought these. They are Ray Ban Aviators.

I try and drink as much water as possible every day because I get really bad headaches when I’m dehydrated. If I don’t carry a bottle with me I usually forget to drink. These Urbanears headphones were a Valentines day present, the sound quality is much better than my iPod headphones so I tend to use these instead. I love Parma Violets, they are the best thing in the world. I can’t buy them here so I stocked up whilst I was in the UK. I only carry 2 keys, my house key and my key for work. I have a cute pink swiss army knife and a Mulberry strawberry keyring too. Obviously I carry my phone in my bag too but I couldnt really take a picture as its the only camera I have at the moment! I use a Blackberry 9700 with a really cute purple rubber cover.
This was a Christmas present. I love it and I take it everywhere. I get really addicted to games and I spend about 1hr 1/2 travelling every day so it is a great way to kill time. Temple Run is the best because its free!
Obviously the contents of my bag changes with the season; ill carry an umbrella a lot of the time or a hat and gloves if its super cold.
I do not usually carry make up with me because I can’t be bothered with touch ups throughout the day. If I got out for the night I might take some with me. I really think that make up should be able to last you the day, if it doesnt then it isn’t applied correctly or is really poor quality.

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