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Sunday, August 19, 2012


I don’t usually buy expensive make up.. mainly due to being a student, I simply cannot afford something if its over 5 or 6 pounds each. So this is the contents of my make up bag - all basically from drug stores.

I use these items more or less every day, and usually always replenish the same one when it’s run out; rather than using a different one I don’t trust.


001. 17 Instant Glow Pink Bronzer Bronzing Rocks- I love these! After a clean sweep of the cheek bones, the tip of the nose, chin and sides of forehead (everywhere that would usually catch the sun) makes my skin look so radiant and shimmery. Some bronzers , if used improperly, tend to make your face really weirdly shiny and plasticy, as well as making you look rather orange/ overly fake tanned. This product however, gives me a subtle glow, as if I’d just come back from holiday.
002. Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation inNatural 70 - This is by far the best foundation I’ve ever used. It comes with a circular applicator sponge, which I find enables you to give your whole face an even amount of coverage. However, after a while, the sponge begins to soak up the foundation so you have to press a little firmer when applying. Mine is currently a little too dark for me as I got a bit paler over the winter, but come spring it’ll match perfectly. This foundation is really smooth and goes on with a good consistency. It seems to fill in all my pores and gives me an all over even skin tone with no visible pores - a real life photoshop!
003. 17 Pressed Powder in Nicely Natural - This is such a good powder, especially to stop you from shining on a night out. It comes with an applicator, which really does help give you long lasting full coverage. As it is so cheap, it doesn’t matter if you run out! Mine, again is a bit the wrong colour- after I’ve applied my foundation (which is a tad too dark), this then lightens me up again, which I suppose is a bonus?
004. Teint Sublime The Complexion Cheater by Jelly Pong Pong - On a visit to Britains Next Top Model Live last year, Jelly Pong Pong were giving away gift bags full of samples of their cosmetics for a small price of £5 for the lot. I love their stuff! I use so much of it! This complexion cheater really is a god send. I have quite blotchy skin, and my skin tone is really uneven, and I get warm red areas at the base of my cheeks (for some unknown reason), and this stuff really evens me out! With it’s green colour, it cancels out the red in my skin and creates a completely fresh canvas to begin concealing and pasting with foundation. This stuff really works!

005. Lancome Flash Retouche in Teinte 03 - Another of my favourite items! However, it has recently run out, so I’m using 17 Hide Away Concealer Cream (which is also a really good product). With a brush applicator at the end (like a pen), application is simple, quick and easy, and with its thick consistency, a little goes a long way.

006. Collection 2000 Skyscraper Length and Definition Mascara in17 Ultra Black - This is such a good mascara. I usually go for more of a thick brush to make my eyelashes really bold, but this one - with a thin, fine toothed comb both lengthens my lashes and makes them stand out and makes them appear really thick. If I had the time or patience to apply false lashes every day, I would. But this is a quick and cheap alternative. It really lifts my lases up and prevent clumping of the mascara due to the thin toothed comb at the end of the mascara wand.
007. Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil in 061 Jet Black - I usually use this when I’m going out at night for my lower tear line. Unlike many eye liner pencils, this one applies easily and smoothly and goes on with a thick consistency- so is jet black straight away. No need to excessively going over the same bit to get a dark line.
008. Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner in 001 100% Black - As seen in my review, this is my all time favourite liquid eye liner. It has such a thick, flowing consistency and goes on so smoothly. It lasts quite a while as I never have to double dip the nip to replenish with ink. With such a long applicator handle, it is easy to have a steady hand and create smooth, flawless lines with just a flick of the wrist!


009. Love Rouge by Jelly Pong Pong - again bought as part of a gift bag at BNTM Live 2011, this duo of gel and cream for lips and cheeks has been of great use to me over the last few months. The lighter pink I use for my cheeks as a cream blusher. This lasts a lifetime. After 5 months I’ve only just touched base in the centre of the sample, and still have loads left! Only a tiny bit is needed as the coverage is amazing.The darker red sample can be used on either your cheeks or lips as a base gel. But I find, If you apply it thick enough, you can use it as a lip colourant.
010. Cresty Cosmetics Semi Permanent Eyebrow - Kit Eyebrow Powder in Dark Brown - I use this stuff every day! At first I used it to just draw on my eyebrows as I’d gone a little tweezer crazy and made my brows really thin and practically non existent. With the help of this, I was able to slyly fill in my eyebrows till mine grew back and now its just to make my brows darker, as mine naturally are quite thin. Again, a little goes a long way. I’ve had this since the BNTM Live - where my mother bought it for me at another stall, and it’s not even visible that it’s been at all touched! The colour matches my eyebrows almost perfectly, and the Kit even came with stencils to help achieve the perfect shaped brow.
011. Vital Radiance Brow Brush - This came with the Brow Kit, but not as part of the set. It was given separately as the brush in the kit was a little thick as wasn’t even slanted. This is much better, and makes the application of the Brow Powder much quicker and easier, I can now do my eyebrow in a matter of seconds!

012. Trifle By Jelly Pong Pong - This lipstick is so cool, it feels like jelly and smells really nice too. Again from the BNTM Live stall, this has become so useful to my life. In such a dark red shade, I always wear this on a night out and sometimes, if I’m wearing a dark coloured top in the daytime, I’ll also wear it. Jelly Pong Pong products really seem to last a life time! I’ve used this so much and again, it’s not even visible that I’ve used it!
013. Models Own Lipgloss in LG013 Lacquer Red - I got this in Boots as a freebie when I bought two bottles of Diet Coke.. and mannn am I glad I did! It’s so thick and bold. Most lipglosses are quite sticky to touch, but this isn’t. My hair doesn’t even get stuck to it! And in such a bright red colour, my lips really stand out! If this is available normally, I really do recommend you get it!
014. Yes To Carrots C Me Smile Lip Butter in Berry - Kirsty bought me this and I love it. The scent is divine and it really brings moisture to my lips - well needed during the cold winter months! I’m pretty sure she bought it in Switzerland where she lives, but if you can get hold of it.. DO!

My make up case is by Celia Birtwell, both me and Kirsty bought it from Boots a few years ago when it was on offer.. and I’m still so happy with it. It comes with 4 really good brushes - a Blusher Brush, a Foundation Brush, a Eyeshadow Brush and a Lip Brush. All of which have come in useful over the years! and with two detatchable zipped pouches inside, this is ideal for travel, and if you have a big enough bag.. for carrying during the day as well. It’s about the size of an A5 piece of paper an about an inch or two thick. This has really been useful to me and again, If you can get hold of one.. Do it!
Xx Jasmine

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