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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Clinique anti-blemish solutions First Impressions

I bought the mini trial kit of the Clinique 3-step regime because the combination oily to oily system I've been using is becoming less effective. It includes 50ml of Cleansing Foam, 100ml of Clarifying Lotion and 30ml of oil free clearing moisturiser. The packaging is cute, I like that there is a colour theme, unlike the 'normal' 3-step ranges, which don't look as nice on my bathroom shelf. They smell gross and medicinal but that's to be expected and if they had been flowery scented I would have been very suspicious and doubtful that it was doing good things for my skin. The cleanser is a foam with a pump which is intriguing. I have been using these products for the last fortnight and I have noticed a slight change in my skin for the better. My pores feel tighter but my skin is a little more red than usual and very, very dry. I have never suffered from properly dry skin on my face, just the occasional patch if i'm negligent with the moisturiser. With the anti-blemish solutions I really need to use an extra moisturiser, I have been using my trusty Clarins HydraQuench cream. I will do a full review of this skincare regime when I have finished them and feature them in an empties post.
Do you use Clinique skincare? What do you think?
Xo Kirsty


  1. I love their Anti Blemish Solutions toner, it's one of my HG products been using it for years and think it's better than all the others I've tried :) xxx


  2. I love it too! Well all Clinique toners actually, they're the only thing that makes my face feel squeaky clean.


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