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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Faded Dip Dye

Something awful has happened! My dip dye has faded completely! It has now basically just blended in with the rest of my hair.. Which is slowly fading as well.

I used a permanent dye only about 2 months ago and it's now just dull.

I usually use any hair dye I can afford at the time - Boots own brand, Garnier, L'Oreal etc. none seem to last that long. It fades well before my roots grow through which shouldn't happen. I use shampoo and conditioner specific for dyed and coloured hair, yet nothing seems to be working.
I suppose this fading has come at a good time as dip dye is no longer on-trend for A/W. So I will most probably be looking to dye it with a dark solid shiny colour for the upcoming cold months.

I'm thinking a rich dark chocolate or a deep mahogany. Either way I'm unsure which home- colouring brand to use next.
Even though I've pretty much tried them all now I still haven't found one that lasts long and leaves it shiny.

Do you have any suggestions? Or know of any products to help hair dye stay longer?


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