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Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekly Wishlist

I've been wanting these items for ages now and have to wait till I get paid next month till I can get them! :(

The first is the fur collar leather jacket from Topshop. I originally wanted the studded one, but have decided that for winter this will be much better. I've wanted a new leather jacket for absolutely ages and this one is definitely the one I want at only £58

Second is the spike bracelet. I've seen this in shops and I'm unsure why I haven't bought it yet as its only £8 and in the next week or so I WILL own it.

I LOVE these shorts! I've always been a fan of high waisted shorts and anything sparkly and glittery is a winner in my eyes! These would go great with so many tops I own. I already have shorts similar.. Okay they're my friend's but I altered them from hip shorts to high waisted ones and never gave them back. She lives with me so its not like she can't take them back whenever! (Please don't) I'll be heading down to River Island soon to purchase these babies for £30 though.

Now I saw these heels in my local clothes boutique but you can also get them off Boohoo.com for £40. I'm a massive fan of the current studs and spikes trend and yes these heels look more like weapons than shoes but they're just so nice! I'd go for the mock-suede pair over the mock-leather as the darker black looks nicer. These will go nicely with my ever growing black heels collection!

I'm in desperate need of a brush cleaner ever since I bought my stippling brush as its getting clogged up and doesn't work as well as it used to. It's beginning to leave brush stroke marks which the type of brush is supposed to prevent! This MAC one is the one I've been after for quite a while.

My final item on the wishlist is an exercise ball! Since I've been back home there's no room for exercise and I have no control over what I have for dinner with my parents so I'm going on a massive diet when I get back to York. I've already invested in workout DVDs and hand weights. My next point of call is some exercise clothes and a gym ball to get my flat stomach back!

What's on your Wishlist this week?

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