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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Zara Bag (see Post)
Accessories from Topshop
Essie Skirting the Issue Nail Polish

This is our first Outfit Of The Day post.. so don't laugh at the photos.. 
I went to see Kirsty today to bring her food (which she made me take back with me) and just generally catch up after not seeing each other for a couple of days.. As we both now live in York.
I decided on going with an Autumn theme in spirit of this horrid (but beautiful) weather we're having!
Deep Greens and Browns are very in at the moment and very apt for this season.
Pretty much everything I'm wearing is newly bought!

Speaking about phases.. Crosses, spikes and skulls are another one that's very popular at the moment. I should know.. I spent about £50 on jewellery of it's kind to keep up to date! 
All these rings and bracelets (minus the bead one which I made myself last year) are all from Topshop. I'm sure you've seen them.

  This is my new favourite coat! It's so warm and the collar is SO soft and keeps my neck nice and toasty! The top. well I actually wore this yesterday as well for like 3 hours.. so I can justify wearing it again without washing it. (I am a student after all) 

I'm slowly training myself to not feel pain when wearing heels so am trying to wear some sort of heel whenever I can! Heels will one day be painless! (I hope) So I recently bought these ankle boots from New Look.. Kelly Brook designed them if that changes anything. They're very fitting for this whole studs and chains phase everyone is going through!
This bag really does fit everything in it! It's larger than most of my other bags..but then I thought I would need the space to fit uni books in and everything else a girl needs to carry with her at all times.. (make up, hair spray etc) But despite how heavy it can get sometimes.. this bag is my savior from looking like a bag lady!
I also apologise for the state of my hair.. I tried dying it darker.. but there wasn't enough dye for my long hair so bits were missed and I resemble a honey badger in the light.. there are random auburn streaks everywhere!

What autumn themed clothes have you bought recently?



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