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Sunday, October 28, 2012


If you have never heard of Glossybox before, it is a beauty box subscription service. Whereby, every month you get a box of 5 deluxe-sized samples in the post. Including postage it is 12.99 a month. Which can be incredible value. These are great if you love trying new products and new brands. There is a questionnaire you can fill in when you sign up so that they send you products more suited to you (In theory). After receiving the goods you can do surveys to earn points that can be used to buy another box. If you are interested heres the website www.glossybox.co.uk

This was my first Glossybox ever, I had heard a lot about them online and I knew some months it was brilliant, others, not so much. This month was Breast Cancer awareness month so a small (I presume) percentage of the profit will go to charity. I did cheat a little bit and find out online what was inside before it arrived. I ordered it very late in the month though so many beauty bloggers had already reported back on the contents. There were some pretty cool things available this month, including a Dr Jart BB cream, which I would have loved to have tried. There was also a Yves Rocher Lipstick and Derma Clean Start.

I love getting stuff in the post, especially vaguely surprise-thingies. 

The packaging is beaut. It is great, because you can re-use the boxes for storage. On the other hand, it probably adds a substantial amount to the cost of the subscription. 

This months theme was DIY beauty so everything in the box is supposed to be used to create a "home spa" feel. 

Every box comes with a little menu inside describing the products inside with details of how to buy the full sized products, often with discount codes. 

I was happy to receive this as  I adore nail polish and I was keen to try something that it is supposedly 5 steps of a manicure in 1. It contains base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour and top coat. This is the full sized product which is priced at 6.99. I wasn't thrilled about the colour, but it is a nice black. 

anatomicals is a very popular british brand. I have been meaning to try something from the range for ages but I have never gotten around to it. Its grapefruit scented which is a plus. I have litres of shower gel and scrubs in the shower at the moment so I didn't really need this. Its nice to try all the same. The full size is only 3.49 so this 75ml tube is worth 1.30 ish. 

My skin is terrible at the moment so the skinetica anti-blemish may prove a god send. Its a solution that you apply to clean skin with supposedly visible effects after 2-3 days of use. Full size is 6.99 so this mini is probably only worth 70p. The Organic Pharmacy is a brand that I had never heard of before but it looks intriguing. The enzyme peel mask with vit. C and papaya could "transform" skin in just 10 minutes. I love face masks so this gets a thumbs up from me. the original product retails for 49.00 so this sample is worth about 6.00.

Finally we come to this. I am a fan of Yves Rocher, having lived in Switzerland for 3 years this is not a brand that is new to me. They have cute stores with good-quality products for good prices. I would have loved to receive the lipstick this month, but, no. I have no use whatsoever for an anti-wrinkle cream. I am 21 years old and my skin is still as smooth as the proverbial babys bottom. Even my mother doesnt have wrinkles yet (yay! good genes).  I am not really sure what I am going to do with this yet. This is the full sized product which actually costs 18.00. 

Overall the contents of this box come to about 32.99. This is really good considering I only paid 12.99!
I will keep you all updated on how much I liked/disliked the products later on. 
I am definitely going to continue with the subscription service and I am excited to see what is inside the November box. 

Do you subscribe to glossybox? or any other beauty boxes?
xoxo Kirsty


  1. I used to be subscribed to Glossybox. I get Joliebox now which I prefer. I think you're right what you said about the packaging adding to the cost of the GB subscription. xxx

  2. Jasmine is probably going to subscribe to the Joliebox too, that way we can do a parallel comparison. Hopefully next months box will be more impressive! I think even if they gave us the option of cheaper packaging I probably wouldn't take it, it's too pretty!

  3. That scrub looks really nice !:) Love the packaging!

  4. It is cute, but sadly the product isn't that great. It smells funky, but it exfoliates well which is what counts I guess!

  5. Awarded you the Liebster award http://becaboosmakeup.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/the-liebster-award.html


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