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Friday, November 02, 2012

Bleach To The Rescue!

After painting Kirsty's flat, my recently bought Topshop Leggings were covered in little splodges and flicks of light grey/purple paint.. They were RUINED! As I let the paint dry I was unable to get any of it off.. and I've been longing to do experiment with bleach, so I thought this would be my one and only chance!
Being brave, I just went for it and started clearing the bathroom out and opening windows so I could begin saving/ruining (you decide) my leggings.

Now I have edgy looking leggings! 

I started by laying my leggings out in a bath and making sure they were spread out and flat. Unfortunately as a poor student I can't afford the heat the house for long, so my leggings were still damp from washing them in an attempt to get rid of the paint (as you can see... it didn't work.)
I just used standard toilet bleach from my bathroom... It doesn't matter about the colour or whether it's scented or not.. All types of bathroom bleach will do the job!

I just poured the bleach onto the fabric, not caring if there are big blobs or flicks and messy lines.. the messier the better! Try and extend your "design" right up to the edges so you don't have random blank panels at the sides of your legs (unless you want them of course).

Cover both sides and hang them up with a clip hanger to allow the bleach to stain. This took about 5 minutes to go fully orange. Again, mine were damp so the bleach soaked through to the other side a bit and it took longer for the orange to develop.

The final result (as seen in the top picture) looks great with a baggy black jumper with accessories. Unfortunately, using bleach you can only really stain material to go orangey brown. But it would be amazing if you could do different colours!

I really want to try a tie dye effect next as I think this will look super cool! Or even do a pair and try and draw a pattern on it with the bleach! I am also going to bleach a pair of shorts at the base so they look like fire. In fact... I may do this now!

Have you bleached any of your clothes? What do you think of the effect it creates?



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I wore them today and got some (I hope) admiring looks. I'm going to ombré some shorts of mine in bleach soon! X


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