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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review: MUA Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette

I have been looking for a new eyebrow palette since I found out that the Sleek one I really wanted to try was simply not dark enough. The SA suggested this pencil as it was very dark. This is the first MUA product I have actually bought. It was only 1.00 which is incredible as it is very good. 

The Superdrug store I was in only had no stock, and the only tester that remained (luckily for me) was Brunette. I didn't want to buy the tester pencil so I waited until I was back in York to go and buy this. I fill in my brows as they can look a bit sparse if i don't and I think that eyebrows are a major way to frame a face, so its important that they look good. I don't deliberately go for the "Scouse Brows" look, my eyebrows are naturally this dark. 

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The pencil is double ended with a brush to help style the brows. It also helps blend in the pencil if you've been a little heavy-handed. I have heard bloggers absolutely rave about MUA, and if every product is as much of a bargain as this, I can understand why. 

Although the shade is Brunette, it is a very dark brown, which may not suit anybody. They also had 2 lighter colours that are probably more wearable.
Do you fill in your brows? Do you use a palette or a pencil?
xoxo Kirsty



  1. I use the Sleek brow kit in Dark to do my brows, which shade were you looking at that wasn't dark enough? I have medium to dark brown brows and if i'm too heavy handed with the Sleek brow kit they can look almost black, you honestly need to barely tap your brush in to the wax.

    You should have a wee test of the Sleek one because it's utterly amazing and it's almost an exact dupe for the Benefit browzings one :)


    1. I was looking at the Dark palette. When i tried it the SA (and my mother) said it made my brows look a bit grey as the brown wasn't quite the right shade. I do really like it and I might have another go with it! I think maybe the wax is the key, thanks :)


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