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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Review: Nuxe Travel Kit

I bought this from Monoprix in France in the Summer, not as a travel kit but because I really wanted to try the products before I invested in the full sized versions. I originally only wanted the oil but it was 20 euros and this whole kit was only 10. As a brand, I think Nuxe is brilliant. It doesn't market itself at a particular age group and is very inclusive, the packaging is also very sophisticated and "french" which never hurts.

I am not going to lie, I have not actually used the anti-fatigue moisturizing cream yet. But, it does look promising. The fondant shower gel is nice and smells pretty good too. I certainly felt clean afterwards. Theres not much more to say about a shower gel really! The lather was quite impressive considering its soap free.

This is heralded as the most amazing do-it-all product in France so I obviously had to try it. I didn't want to buy the massive one until I was sure that I liked it as I had a luggage limit to consider. I have used it on my body, face and hair so far. It did smooth my flyaways very nicely and made my hair look sleek. As a body moisturiser it didn't really tick all the boxes. It was difficult to rub in properly and it didn't "soak in" and left my legs dry, but greasy. However, putting a few drops in my bath worked a treat and left my skin baby soft and smelling vaguely like perfume. I actually added a drop to my face moisturiser and it was fantastic boost to my winter-dry skin. I want to try the same with my body lotion soon. I think I am going to do a bit more research into this product to see what other uses there are.

sorry for the pic quality. My camera likes to misbehave

This hand cream is lovely. It smells very good and left my hands soft without any greasy residue. I will definitely repurchase when I finish all the half used hand creams I own at the moment. This Micellar Cleansing Water is horrific. I am a huge fan on micellar waters normally so I was excited to try this. It was horrible. It was rose scented, which is usually something I love, but it was overpowering and actually irritated my skin a bit. It was rubbish at removing my eye make up and burnt my eyes ( in fairness, they are super sensitive). I was determined to finish it off and used it as a toner instead, you know when you have one of those products that you cant wait to finish? This was it for me. I hate being negative, but I am not going to sit here and tell you I loved it when I didn't. 

What do you think about Nuxe? 
xoxo Kirsty



  1. I've heard about this particular brands on other blogs but never had the urge to try it out! haha
    I love this kit though so handy and they sounds really lovely as well :)
    hareem xx

    1. It is lovely! They make loads of other great products too :)

  2. I really want to try the lip balm from Nuxe! I've heard great things about the oil too, great idea to add a drop into your moisturizer! :)

    1. Thanks, oil is quite tricky to apply so adding some to my moisturiser seemed like a sensible thing to do!
      I need to find a good stockist in the UK so I can get hold of the lip balm! I want to use some of the ones I've bought recently and not yet opened first though :) xo

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