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Sunday, November 04, 2012


My first ever Beauty Box has arrived! I was super excited when I saw it had arrived.  I've heard a lot of good things about Joliebox and many of the other Beauty Boxes you can get. I'd heard recently that the contents of the Joliebox is much better and more 'upmarket' than Glossybox which Kirsty has subscribed to (and has reviewed here). Joliebox claim to introduce their subscribers to new beauty and lifestyle products as well as sharing their favourites and global trends, whereas the Glossybox are more mainstream and more well known brands.

I quite like the idea of being introduced to new and products that aren't popular yet. A product doesn't become popular over night, it takes an introduction of such a product and a test base to achieve any recognition. So putting in new brands is a great way to spread the word.

As for the Global Trends, I'm happy that they're in partnership with brands such as Boohoo, Balmi, Agent Provocateur, Korrs, O.P.I and China Glaze as these are some of my favourite brands and I look forward to receiving such samples in my box in the months to come! I'm already looking forward to seeing whats in the November box!

The October Box is supposed to be themed 'pure and natural', with products with natural and organic ingredients, so even sensitive skin can benefit. Especially for these upcoming cold winter months, products that keep your skin and hair full of life and full of moisture. Especially during the winter, my hair tends to get very dry and very straw-like. I dye my hair quite often and apply heat on a regular basis, so my hair is quite dry at the ends anyway, and my skin also gets very dry and my lips especially do not like winter. This is why this month's Joliebox will come in useful, all products are there to smooth and moisturise the skin, lips, hair and keep you looking your best even when the elements are trying to destroy you.

 Compared to the Glossybox; Joliebox's dull brown box was not at all what I was expecting. For the price of the p&p I expected a nicer box. The same price, yet not the same standard of packaging. This is the only thing I have against Joliebox. It's what's inside that counts right?

From reviews I've read online and pictures of previous boxes, I knew there'd be a bag inside.. I'm still trying to think what I'm going to reuse it as.. a shower bag? Any suggestions?
I also already knew what was going to be in the box from their website, however they had thrown a few extra things in which was nice.

Firstly there is the nailgirls nail polish in gold #2 Shimmering Pale Gold Foil, sold for £10.50 in full size on their website. It's a cute little bottle and will go nicely in my nail varnish collection. It is free from harmful chemicals and is made of a 'vegan friendly' formula and is 100% natural and recyclable, which fits in nicely with their 'pure and natural' theme.

Secondly was the Jason Bee Healthier Lip Balm stick, which can be found at £1.99 on their website. This smells and tastes amazing and it has really moisturised and re-plumped my lips after this harsh weather has had its go on them. The smell of it also reminds me of After Eights. I can't find mint on the ingredients list.. but it definitely smells/tastes minty!

Also in the box was Moa The Green Balm, sold from £4.99 on their website, this stuff is also amazing. I can get dry skin from time to time and this has become my saviour! My skin is now soft and full of moisture!

BB cream is becoming increasingly popular across the world due to its amazing 3 in 1 abilities. Acting as a primer, foundation and concealer, it works wonders on your face, giving you an almost airbrushed finish. These samples are of Iroisie Soin Parfait Ultimate BB cream. I haven't actually tried thesm out yet, but I've heard and read great things. These are only really sold in France and Switzerland so I'm unsure how much the full size tubes are. (I have looked)

I've seen blog entries and magazine articles on the Twistband, but I just assumed it was just a piece of elastic tied at the end to make a loop.. and.. well.. it basically is. But it does do what it claims! The idea behind them is to stop your hair from having that annoying kink at the back after you've had your hair up for a while. I had this in while I was playing a netball match and after taking my hair out of the ponytail 2 hours later, there was no kink at all! I'm definitely going to stock up on these, one in every colour will do! They come in a wide variety of colours, styles and sizes and you can customise them with baubles and words! They also double up as cute bracelets! As they're American, only residents of America and Canada can get them from the website from about $2 each, for all you UK girlies, you can get a 6 pack of them from the JolieBox website for £10! Grab them here!

This is also becoming my favourite product! I've only used it once but it has done wonders to my hair! After just one use, my hair is silky smooth and the ends don't feel like straw anymore! Wen Cleansing Conditioner smells really nice and is amazing at locking in moisture! Can be either used as a normal conditioner or as a leave-in conditioner for dry and split ends...or BOTH! You don't need a lot but as it has no Sodium Laurel Sulfate in it, it doesn't create a foam lather like most conditioners do. It's very natural in its ingredients as well as it it contains such things like Bark and Flower Extracts, along with various other extracts to give it it's sweet smell! Again this is an American product and it can only be bought as a kit.. For those stateside.. you can order a Basic Kit here for $29.99 (30 day supply), and for you girls in the UK, same thing applies.. It only comes as part of a Kit I'm afraid, but it's such a great product.. why not! Order yours here for £29.99

Also in this magic box of wonders, was a lifestyle product.. one of the nicest teas I've ever had. I'm not really one for herbal or flowery tea. I'm more of an Earl Grey kinda gal. But I thought I'd give this a go.. and I loved it! There's so much flavour and sweet smells and tastes.. and it's so good for you! The first thing that hits you when you open the box is the smell! It's so nice I wish I could have it as potpourri in my bedroom! The organicity of the ingredients is nice to see as well! With Green Tea (so insanely good for you), White tea, Green Rooibos (very high in antioxidants and low in caffeine), mango, pineapple, apricot and peach, no wonder it smells as good as it does! I had a large gulp (when piping hot) and it was delicious but I really made it for my housemate so asked for her verdict.. The next day she told me she drank half and forgot about it... but drank the rest cold in the morning and it tasted even better! So even as an iced tea this would be amazing! There were 6 muslin tea bags so at least I can enjoy the last 5.. hot or cold!  They come in a variety of different flavours from Berry, Cinnamon and Mint to Citrus, Chocolate-Vanilla and Lemon, they're sold as tins of 20 bags and also sell various accessories such as teabag filters and come as Giftsets to! They're becoming increasingly popular in Western countries (USA, Europe) as they're so healthy and good for you. They're even sold in Selfridges, London! You can get the LOV is Beautiful bags here for £10.70.

Ritessens Exfoliating Face Care Radiant Complexion, a french product is also going to be part of my daily routine. This gentle exfoliator has the incredible Moroccan Argan Oil as well as various plant extracts to keep skin looking radiant, pore-less and blemish free. If you're as illiterate in French as I am... read the side of the box and don't spend an hour trying to remember what you were taught in GCSE French and attempt to translate what's on the bottle! Basically all you have to do is use it as a normal facial exfoliator and rinse with tepid water.. easy peasy. After my first use, my skin felt refreshed and soft and it smells very.. organic (it smells like plants). The only issue I found with this product, and I'm unsure whether this has any impact on the outcome of the product's use.. but the little balls that "exfoliate" didn't feel like they were doing anything as they were so tiny and not as course as most found in other exfoliating products. However, I will continue using it and see if it makes my skin any clearer!

Well that's what was in my Joliebox this month.. I'm super excited to see what's in next months!

Do you subscribe to any Beauty Boxes? If so, which one/s? Do you get Joliebox? What did you think of this month's products?



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm so excited for the November box to arrive! X

  2. Have been debating whether not to subscribe to Joliebox instead of Glossybox... still undecided :/ this one looks great though! :)
    Iona xx

    1. They're both great boxes, but by comparing them month by month (what me and Kirsty aim to do) we will hopefully make your mind up for you. From what I've seen from the previous boxes, the Glossybox items are much more mainstream; whereas what comes in the Joliebox are more exciting as I'd not heard of some of the brands before. You also get a lot more in the Joliebox. I got 8 things instead of Glossybox's 5. Keep checking back for our monthly reviews!
      I hope you make up your mind!


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