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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Beauty Bloggers Tag

Sophia at Tattooed Tealady has created a new tag called The Beauty Bloggers Tag. We were tagged by Hannah from A Pretty Mess.

 Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?

We began blogging on Blogger since August but had a blog on Tumblr under a different name for a few months before that. We started because we both always talk about beauty products and love shopping, we'd read other people's blogs and watched regular vlogs on Youtube and thought it would be a good idea to start our own.

Whose blog did you fall in love with first?
Elle and Blair. Their posts are addictive to read and at the time there was not an equivalent blog of this quality in the UK that we were aware of.

What was the first blogosphere hyped about product you bought and was it worth the hype?

MAC Brushes. Everyone said how amazing they were but I thought they seemed a little overpriced. But now I own them, I think they were 100% worth the money. They are the best brushes I have ever come across.

What are your favourite five things about blogging and being a beauty blogger?

1. We love chatting to loads of new people with the same interests as us.

2. Shopping! It definitely gives us an excuse to go out and shop to our hearts content! We get excited while shopping thinking "Oo we can blog about this!"

3. We love that we can share our passion with so many likeminded people.

4. You find out whether a product is good or not by the reviews bloggers give.  It also means we can help others in their shopping choices.

5. It also means we have an excuse to trawl the internet for hours!

What have you learnt from being a beauty blogger?
Not everything is worth buying. The benefit of reading blogs is to find out whether a product is good or not before investing in it.

Have you changed anything since being a beauty blogger?
We have become more careful about what we spend our money on.

What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?
Twitter! It's a great way to meet other bloggers and discover other blogs, as well as follow PR companies so you're one of the first people to know about new products and new fashion trends.

Name your top five brands!
Chanel for Kohl eyeliners, Topshop for clothes and Jewellery, MAC for foundation and brushes, Maybelline for Mascara, Kurt Geiger for Shoes (of course).

Recommend your top five favourite beauty products!
NARS Blush in Torrid, MAC Fluidline gel eyeliner, Benefit Eye Bright, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, Chanel Lipstick in Rouge Allure Velvet La Raffinée

Tag other beauty bloggers to do this tag!
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  1. Really great tag! its nice to see tags that aren't only for youtube but for blogs as well!!

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    1. That's what we thought! Not everybody wants to film themselves for tags :)


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