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Sunday, January 27, 2013


 I always seem to be the last to receive my beauty box, but this finally arrived last week! Sorry girlies for the delay in posting about it, I've been very pre-occupied with work and uni so my head is all muddled at the moment! But not posting in a while also means that I have loads to post about to stay tuned for the next couple of days as I'm doing a bulk blogging session now and will schedule to reveal them over the next couple days!

But here it is.. the launch of the UK Birchbox. Formerly Joliebox, the Birchbox brand from over the pond have blessed us by taking over Joliebox, giving us a much better beauty box with (hopefully) better products to try!

Firstly.. the box it arrived in.. much better than the boring plain brown one the Joliebox arrived in! It's fun, its pink, its pretty!
The actual beauty box itself is an improvement as well. I'm a big fan of pink I must say and my growing pile of empty beauty boxes is starting to look more exciting! (What a strange thing to find exciting...)

Still coming with the magazine which is full of tips, tricks, interviews with bloggers and information about the products in the box, its always a great thing to read!

The box design is very simple, very chic, and really cute! I really am loving the fuchsia!

Well.. here it is.. the contents!

First to catch my eye was the Teapigs sample in Chamomile flowers. Packed full of freshly brewed whole flowers, this chamomile tea has its medicinal benefits, which calm, soothe and aid sleep as they're caffeine free! The "tea temple" (tea bags) are also 100% biodegradable, which is always nice to hear! Usually these can be bought in packs of 15 which cost around £3.50 - £3.99. Other flavours include peppermint and super fruit!

Next up is the KMS California Free Shape quick blow dry spray. Claiming to detangle, de-frizz and soften hair as well as aid hair to dry faster when blowdrying. I'm going to try this out later and see how it compares to what it claims, But for now, if you want to grab one, the full size sells at around £13.50. It also smells really flowery, like a perfume!

This super small sample from Wei is a Jujube age control system which uses its Jujube extracts and other Chinese herbs to reduce signs of ageing and calm redness. Obviously at 19, I do not yet have any wrinkles, but I'm creating quite the collection of anti-ageing products for when the lines finally appear! The full size bottle retails at £60, so save up! But a little goes a long way so if you buy it now.. by the time you're old you'll still probably have half left.

This French Taaj Hand Cream reminds me of Christmas a bit as it has Cinnamon and Sweet Almond in. It really moisturises and nourishes my hands, nails and cuticles with its Shea-Butter, Aloe Vera and Wheat Germ Oil ingredients. It claims to "Nourish Repair and Protect". You can buy the full size for a tenner!

One of my favourite samples in this month's box.. Fresh Sugar Rosé Lip Treatment! It's the most adorable little lip balm I've ever seen! It claims to keeps lips flake free and soft, which is super useful during this snowy Janurary Winter season! It also tastes and smells nice and there's a built in SPF for when the sun decides to show its face. The full size is £15.50.

I had no idea what this was at first glance, but after actually locating and reading the bits in English, I discovered it's a full body Deep Body Massage Cream with Myrrh! It is made from resin that is sourced from North African Myrrh Trees, the all over body mask will leave skin velvety-smooth and tone, sooth and purify. The full size bottle can be purchased for £35. 

 Well, that's this month's Birchbox! You can find all of these products to buy here on the Birchbox Shop website.

What Beauty Box do you subscribe to? What do you think of the samples this month?


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