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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Rather than simply running with the cliché "new year, new me" I'm going with "new year, improved me". Putting too much pressure on myself to change every aspect of my life is really just setting myself for failure and by the beginning of February ill just be all depressed. I want to make slight adjustments to how I do certain things and keep it positive. Rather than giving up things and telling myself I can't do things, I want to introduce new things and find better ways of doing what I already do. I reckon this will make my goals far more attainable.

Firstly I want to take my skin care more seriously. I already rank it as a priority over make up and hair care but sometimes I'm just really lazy and I can't be bothered to remove my make up. This year I'm aiming to take my make up off every night not just 6/7 a week.

I have massively neglected my hair this past year, I think I've had it cut once and from January to November I wasn't using a heat protector before styling. As a result it's looking pretty abused. This year I want to get it trimmed at least every few months and start using a protectant religiously.

I have really, abnormally thin tooth enamel which means I can get cavities really easily. I don't think I really take this seriously enough, I'd like to have at least some of my own teeth when I'm 80! I'm going to start brushing my teeth after every meal, rather than just morning and night.

I am a bit of a hoarder with beauty products, I buy tonnes and a lot of the stuff is still unused. This is a really stupid thing for me to do financially so this year I'm going to use what I have before I buy a new product. Who really needs 10 different body moisturisers after all?

I am joining a gym this month, because I do want to look after myself more. I would have done so when I first moved back to the UK in October but I didn't have a job then and a gym membership wasn't financially justifiable.

Finally, I want to be less critical, both of myself and others. It's a really negative thing to do and isn't at all constructive.

What are your New Years resolutions?
Xo Kirsty


  1. Happy new year!! Those are good resolutions and all seem realistic. good luck to you! No more dirty pillowcases in the morning haha xx

    Gret blog, just found it and am now following :) I love your blog background, so cayute!


  2. That's what I'm hoping for haha, happy new year to you too!
    Thanks, jasmine made it herself. Ill have a look at your blog :)

  3. Those are really good resolutions!

    I have similar ones with the hair and teeth. I don't get my hair cut nearly as often as I should and I definitely need to focus on brushing and flossing well.

    Happy new year!

    1. Happy new year to you too! So far so good with the resolutions but its only the 6th of January haha xo

  4. I need to be less critical of myself but I think if that is who you are, it is hard not to do it! :) We have similar resolutions too! Good Luck though!
    LaceyLoves x

    1. True! I'm just trying to focus on being positive rather than being negative about everything. You too! Xo


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