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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

50 random facts about us TAG

The first 25 are facts about Jasmine and the last 25 about Kirsty

1. Obsessed with The Batman Trilogy
2. Dislike reading books but has read the Harry Potter books about 7 times
3. Only 5'4.5" tall
4. Addicted to shopping
5. Amazing at DIY
6. Favourite colour is purple
7. Really wants a pug puppy
8. Owns over 50 nail polishes
9. Was a sea cadet for 4 years
10. Is a bit of a shoe collector
11. Cannot stand cooked mushrooms
12. Allergic to tea tree oil (we both are)
13. Had ginger hair for a while...by choice 😯
14. Is going to Morocco in June
15. Would live to go to Disneyland annually
16. Cannot go on a night out without false eyelashes on
17. Was a pirate in past life
18. Loves the smell of strawberries
19. Would love to wear heels every day and for it to be painless
20. Find DVDs pointless but would love a massive collection
21. Had a full fringe growing up
22. Owns a lot of black clothing
23. Celeb crushes include Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr
24. Has completed half of an undergraduate degree to date
25. Is accident prone
26. A bit obsessed with candles
27. Loves to travel
28. Speaks French
29. Drinks about 2 litres of water a day
30. Needs 10hrs of sleep to feel refreshed. Sadly this never happens
31. Slightly OCD about tidying
32. Is very good at baking
33. Was a HTML genius as a child, all has been forgotten :(
34. Is getting married this Summer
35. Loves looking at but hates wearing high heels
36. Favourite flowers are peonies
37. Would love longer hair, it grows so slowly :(
38. Surprisingly really likes camping
39. Lived in Switzerland for 3 years but didn't ski once
40. Ridiculously scared of spiders
41. Not a massive animal fan
42. Favourite film is either The Beach or Love me if you dare
43. Mojito is the best drink ever invented
44. Could happily live on Laduree Macarons
45. Would probably kill for a Chanel/Celine/Hermes bag
46. Would like to live in France forever and is moving there in the summer
47. Love books
48. Would choose handbags over shoes any day
49. Had a hamster named Figaro as a child
50. Really likes roller coasters

Hope they were interesting!
Xoxo Jasmine & Kirsty



  1. Love your 50 facts! I love would totally choose handbags over shoes any day! I'm allergic to tea tree too, which is awful since it seems to be in so many skin care products.

    1. It sucks! Tea tree is supposed to be so good for so many things :( xo


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