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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How I Care For My Hair

Hi Girlies,

My hair is naturally curly/wavy/wild and I have to use a lot of heat to style it nicely which means that without a trim every couple of weeks my hair would quickly get very disgusting if I didn't use products to help keep it in good condition. I've also messed about with the colour recently which has left it feeling very dry and damaged. 

Two of my favourite products are AUSSIE 3 MINUTE MIRACLE COLOUR DEEP TREATMENT and TRESEMMÉ PLATINUM STRENGTH 60 SECOND TREATMENT SHOT. Aussie is a shower staple as everything smells heavenly and leaves my hair silky and manageable. Deep treatments are a lovely weekly treat for my hair that keeps my hair from splitting and looking like straw due to all the colouring I've subjected it to. Single use sachets are less than a pound and bottles are often in a special offer making them very affordable.

The platinum strength treatment shot is also available in a larger bottle but I've only ever bought the individual tubes. It's not very cost effective but it allows me to use the correct amount each time. My hair felt a great deal better after I used it and allows me to leave longer in between hair cuts. 

What do you use to nourish your hair?
Xoxo Kirsty


  1. I love the 3 minute miracle, I've used so many bottles x

  2. Great post! I need to try the Platinum Strength shots, they sound lovely :)

  3. These are definite staples for me! I've since discovered that tresemme do a while platinum range :D


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