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Sunday, September 01, 2013

September Wishlist

There are quite a few things that have caught my eye recently and because i've been on a spending ban of sorts (There are basically zero shops here) I'm thinking that I can justify treating myself to a few things. 
1 Gorgeous boots from Missguided. At £37.99 they are a bit overpriced considering they are faux-suede but, I love them and they will go with everything.

2 In preparation of my move to Paris I've been scouring the Sephora website so that I have a vague idea of what I want to purchase on my first (of many) visits. This rather random addition to this month's Wishlist is a bar of soap. Yes, that's right, a bar of soap. You may know that Chanel Mademoiselle is my favourite perfume of all time, and the fact that Chanel make soap pleases me no end. It's obviously hugely expensive for what it is, but I probably wouldn't even use it because it's too precious. Therefore I can count it as home décor, making €22.50 not too bad at all. Take a look at it here. I also think it would make a fab Christmas present for a friend, but it's a bit early to be thinking about that. 

3 Another beauty I saw on the Sephora page: Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in 306 Amber. Just the name in itself is enough to convince me (shallow, I know). The packaging is beaut, and its called a CC lipstick (Care and Colour don't ya know). Sounds snazzy, and leaves me hopeful that it would moisturise my lips and look good doing it. At €31.50 it's definitely pushing the boundaries of acceptability in terms of price, but hey, a girl needs lipstick. 

4 The Origins GinZing 'refreshing eye cream to brighten and repuff' has been on my radar for quite some time. I used to stare at the Origins counter lustfully (it was by the entrance) whenever I was in Boots. Sadly, as a student, I couldn't justify spending £23.00 on a dinky cream. That money was better spent on strawberry daiquiris (read: cheap rosé). Recently, my skin awareness has gone through the roof and i've decided that owning this cream is essential to my survival. I look hideous without an obscene amount of concealer, and judging by the rave review, this should sort that right out. 

 5 This ridiculously beautiful Anya Hindmarch make up bag. Browsing the Selfridges site is a hobby of mine, and I was actually trying to check the price of a Marc Jacobs make up bag when I saw this. I may be in love. My mother will tell me that no one in their right mind would spend £195 on a make up bag, but she's wrong. I will. It may be some time before I get my mitts on this bad boy, but by gumption I will. In fact, I have no idea how I have coped so long without it in my life. Anya Hindmarch has always made beautiful little pouches and such, but this is in a league of its' own. 

What are you coveting this September?

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    1. Agreed, I'm having quite a hard time choosing between black and tan actually! xo

  2. Those boots look amazing!! Thank you for visiting my blog! I've followed through bloglovin'! Make sure to enter my giveaway!!


  3. OH MY WORD! that is one lovely make up bag.......
    I want it... NO! I need it in my life haha
    Thanks for sharing, I'm a new follower.




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