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Saturday, October 19, 2013

30 Tips To Show-Stopping MakeUp: Tip 6 - Solid or Liquid.. How Would You Like Yours?

post signature We all know how difficult it is to choose a foundation.. "Shall I go for a powder or a Liquid, or a Cream, or a Gel?" Or maybe we just buy a selection and hope that we will use them all one day. I know I've bought countless foundations and never actually used them!

If you're stuck as for which to buy; here's a little tip to help :)

If you’re prone to dry skin, its best to use liquid or cream foundations as these will bring moisture to your skin and nourish it, hopefully making it look a little less dry; giving it a more dewey look. Try to avoid using powder as this dries your skin out further.

 Powder however, is excellent for oily skin! Creams allow the most coverage however tend to be quite thick. If you want the coverage, get a cream or liquid and add a 1/3 moisturiser to 2/3 foundation to thin it out, whilst also hydrating the skin. 

With any form of foundation, concentrate the coverage in the centre of your face and blend outwards as the centre is where most of the blemishes will be, also the centre is always going to be a different colour to the sides, so blend it more at the sides.
.. no one wants THAT makeup line.

If you don't need foundation in certain areas of your face, don't use it there! If you have a blemish or an area you need to cover; cover it, but leave the rest and just BLEND! You do not need a whole face of makeup if your skin is nice! It'll just clog up your pores!

Hope these tips are helping! Stay tuned for the next one! (There are 24 tips left!)
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