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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review: Boots Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll-On

Boots Botanics  Refreshing Eye Roll-On All Bright

Boots Botanics is a range I'm quite familiar with but I've never really been impressed with the line until now. The Refreshing Eye Roll-On All Bright with hibiscus has become an integral part of my morning routine. I am definitely a Snooze Button Fanatic, I would literally rather have an extra 60 seconds in bed and forego lipstick that morning. This is because I seem incapable of regularly getting a decent night's sleep (I blame Netflix) and more often than not I'm left with very little time to get ready in the morning. 

My bare minimum routine covers skin care, toothbrushing, minimal make up and a rough bun before running to catch the metro. Due to insufficient sleep/poor diet/too much caffeine/whatever I usually have pretty grim under eye bags in the morning, especially because I don't really allow myself time to wake up before I start with the creams and gels. I apply the Eye Roll-On under my eyes and above them as soon as i'm done cleansing my face in the morning instead of applying an eye cream. I faff about for a few minutes packing my handbag to give it time to settle in properly and then set to work on my base. 

It doesn't leave any icky residue and is perfect for wapping my under-eye concealer on top of without making it slide off. I wouldn't say the effects of the Roll-On are very noticeable to the naked eye but the change is more noticeable after make up application. Most importantly, it makes my eyes feel less puffy and as a result I feel more awake and ready to face the day. I'm comfortable to forego an eye cream because this leaves my delicate eye area smooth and hydrated. Even if the product didn't do anything, the metal applicator is heaven for soothing my eyes. 

Boots Botanics  Refreshing Eye Roll-On All Bright

I use this even after a good night's sleep just to perk my eyes up a bit and then I don't usually have to use any concealer afterwards.
I have really sensitive eyes that are easily irritated and this Roll-On lives up to its 'suitable for all' claims and doesn't so much as bring a tear to my eye. The gel contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate 'dull & delicate skin' and the Hibiscus acts as a natural brightener. There are naturally occurring AHAs in the Hibiscus flower too which, as we know, act as a mild exfoliator. This is nifty because I'm not supposed to use my usual AHA based exfoliator on my eye area and my freshly exfoliated face is brighter and smoother. It's "formulated without parabens" (the same as paraben free??) and nicely ticks all my boxes to earn it's place in my morning routine. 

It's available here for £8.99 

xo K

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