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Friday, February 28, 2014

Press Release: SS14 Fashion

Hi girlies. I've been meaning to post this for quite some time, as I actually attended this Press Day last year! But don't worry! It's still relevant as it was all about what's HOT this Spring/Summer in the fashion world!
Showcasing their clients' clothing and accessories, Coffin on Cake PR filled their offices with brightly coloured fabrics and materials in preparation for the upcoming fashion season.
Based in Shoreditch, London, very close to Brick Lane, you can see where their influence comes from to pick their clients. Colourful, edgy and hipster pieces, mixed in with the more high street, mainstream pieces, makes their clients perfect for the area.
  Surfdome are a sportswear online shop that sells clothing for all sorts of outdoor sports. Working with Roxy, Quicksilver and Converse who are also clients of Coffin on Cake PR, they showcased their SS14 styles.  With lots of bright neon colours; oranges, pinks, blues, greens and purples, we see a lot of palm tree graphic prints and block colours. Wishing summer would come now, I was looking through their beachwear with lust, just wishing several months would just fly by.
Roxy were also in the same room with some of their running and surf gear. Again we see bright block  neon colours.
Along the opposing wall was an intriguing sight.. a pressure plate and a running machine.. what could this be about?
Vivobarefoot. This shoe brand, un-like any other footwear, will not wear down.. each pair are handout and handmade in Portugal and when wearing them, feel like you're barefoot. Not constricting in anyway, not cramming your toes together, these shoes let your feet breathe and let them do what they do naturally;before shoes came into existence. With prices as high as £300, why are they so special?
Well.. for starters they are the only shoe brand to have a puncture resistant kevlar-like layer on the sole, so nothing can hurt your feet. They are ultra thin and ultra strong. The pressure plate showed how a person would stand. First showing your footprint wearing the shoe you're wearing, and secondly without your shoes. Hightlighting how differently we stand, walk, run etc whilst barefoot. They then demonstrated how the foot would look in one of their shoes- more weight distribution on all toes, on the balls of your feet and on your heel. How it SHOULD look when we stand. Shoes over many generations have damaged our feet. If you notice a newborn, their foot is quite squared at the end, as their toes have not been morphed into shape by rounded/pointy shoes. 
Vivobarefoot shoes can even help orthopaedic issues such as high arches and flat feet by training them to work perfectly on their own. To strengthen them. For example, a bridge does not need support from a large block underneath to keep it strong. It is strong all on it's own. So with high arches, if you put a support there, the arch will always be weak. If you train the foot to be strong on it's own, then you will have a very strong arch indeed.
They claim that there is unfortunately no such thing as a comfortable heel just yet. But if worn in moderation, - say 10% of the time, the remaining 90%, treat your feet well, train them to be strong and heels won't be of that much bother when you do wear them,
I think I might have to get myself a pair! Their cheapest pair is £35! They actually have a sale on at the moment!
A designer that did catch my eye was Joseph Turvey. A menswear designer who has incorporated a mesh-like material with flower prints onto jackets, hoodies, shorts etc. But if i'm honest, I think women could wear his clothes as well, as they are quite androgynous.
Roxy and Quicksilver made another appearance in their second room, Roxy is the female version of Quicksilver - for anyone who didn't know. Their idea for SS14 was to bring back some of their classic pieces, using their old 'vintage' logo. The black and grey quilted jacket and some of their other pieces do not look very sporty, nor do they look very much like Roxy clothing. And that's what I love about them. They've taken a step away from their surf designs and ventured more into the classic old school high street designs. High end mens magazines have been all over the new Quicksilver collection!
Also in this room was a large table of Quay Eyewear, an Australian brand as seen on the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani, Jessica Alba, Cara Delevigne, Chloe Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Sarah Jessica Parker!. And at just under £25 each (AU$45), their affordability and popularity with celebrities makes them an SS14 must-buy! I can't decide what my favourites are! Buy yours here.
In the next room were some very interesting pieces, very urban, very edgy but very cool. Makers LDN has collaborated with the graffiti artist Insa and produced a collection that will really turn heads.
Using a photo of Cindy Crawford, they have managed to incorporate it into a snake print which is totally cool. Using that print on baseball jerseys, minidresses, shorts, crop tops, bomber jackets etc, I think these will be a huge hit amongst the youth of East London.
Another edgy brand were Terrible Movement, also an East London based brand dealing with guilt and sweatshop free t-shirts. Their slogan tees have been seen on the likes of Cara Delevigne, Dakota Fanning, Charlotte De Carle and Jourdan Dunn .. think I might get me a tee!
Next up is CAT Footwear... a brand you'd usually associate with workmen's steel toe caps.. but not anymore.. they actually do some quite nice shoes! Grungy and Punk, most of them aren't my sort of thing, but there were a few you'd never think they were CAT shoes!
The final collection that caught my eye.. not just because there were SO many colours... but they reminded me of my youth.. Living in South London, loving life, the simple life.. and summers.. but the main thing... JELLY SHOES!!!!!!! God  I loved them. Both Kirsty and I both had a pair. Mine was a purple glittery pair with a 2 inch heel.. I LOVED them. Unfortunately I think they're like a child size 13 so I'll never wear them again.. but may have to buy myself a new pair... Juju is the brand here. LOVE LOVE LOVE. My favourite by far at the moment are either the Fisherman, the Maxi or the Tinkerbelle in Jade Green.. or any colour really! 
They also do a range of Gumboot Welly Boots which are super cute!
You can buy them online on ASOS, Topshop, Office, Schuh, UO, AA, Bank etc. for around £15-£30. Although Topshop is the only one without any in stock at the moment.. all the rest have!
Just as in SS13, Jellies are back and the emphasis on pastels and glitter is obvious.. Literally on ASOS now ordering myself a pair!
I loved their display.. a whole rainbow of coloured jellies.. and then a fishbowl.. with MINI ones at the bottom. I just thought that was SUPER cute!
Also in the room.. a small dispay of JuJu's Kigu rainmacks and wellies, which were also super cute! I love the hippo!
In the hallway of the PR office, were the range of Converse SS14 pieces.. I really like the pink and grey jumpers... might have to get one of each! And I LOVED the tie dye rucksacks!
FINALLLYYYY there was the BEACH collection for ASOS. BEACH is a gallery not far from the PR office in Shoreditch, just off Brick Lane that they work closely with. Since 2010, they have taken some of their favourite artists to do illustrations and paintings and commissioned them to create t-shirts and sportswear for ASOS - both women's and men's wear.
Commissioning artists like Malarky who is now dealing with ceramics.. and Jean Jullien with his crude postcard-like illustrations and many others that have contributed to their ASOS collection.

Again, with graphic prints and bold colours, SS14 is going to be one BRIGHT season... lets just hope we get the weather to match!

What do you think of these brands? Do you have any of their stuff already?  

Feel free to leave your thoughts below!

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