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Saturday, March 01, 2014

30 Tips To Show-Stopping MakeUp: Tip 8 - Imperfections? What Imperfections?

Totally forgot about this series of posts I started doing! Well I got to Tip #7.. so here's #8!

Going through the effort of covering  up spots and lines everyday is a nightmare! Applying foundation then going over the imperfections with a smaller brush and your heavy-duty concealer... I'm tired of it.. but it's a nightmare we all must suffer at some point in our lives... Or is it?

 Usually when covering redness or spots around the nose and cheeks or covering bags with the standard beigey concealer makes the area look muddy and unattractive. Especially if your concealer does not match your foundation or if it's not the right consistency!

What you need to remember is.. Opposite colours cancel themselves out. So if it’s a red area you want to hide, use a green-pigmented concealer. I use my Natural Collection Corrector Stick (£1.99).. like a lipstick tube, apply it in the red areas to bring the colour back to a neutral beige. No7 also do a really good one in Green and Lavender.
A Lavender colour is often used to conceal any yellow tones you don't want.
A Yellow concealer is used to hide blacks and blue (works well on bruises) and dark circles under the eyes.
Orange/peach concealer covers blueish bags and dark spots. 

Use a white eyeliner on the inside corners and inner lower lash to cancel out the appearance of bloodshot eyes - great trick for use after a night out!

And finally.. if you're after a super smooth finish, ensure you use primer before you use foundation & concealer. A great primer is POREfessional by Benefit (£24.50 for regular size/£29.50 for larger size).

My favourite all-over beige concealer by far has to be MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC30 (obviously everyone's a different colour though) which is £15.50.

You can find all of these coloured corrector sticks at your local Boots, Superdrug, Debenhams etc or any other store that sells makeup! Ask someone for help if you can't find them, they're not always in obvious packaging (the Natural Collection one for example!) But you'll find a great one, whatever your price range!

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