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Monday, June 09, 2014

UK Hair Care Haul

Last month I hopped on the Eurostar to London to spend some time with my family for a few days and fortunately managed to squeeze in some shopping. One of the things that I have grown to appreciate after living abroad is the abundance of cheap hair care products in England. Staples that I have been using since my teens are often double the price here or even not available at all. I recently saw some Aussie products for nearly 10 euros a piece and they didn't even have 3 minute miracle!

I've been majorly slacking on heat protectant this past year and as a result I had to have 3 inches cut off to deal with some of the damage. I also bleached my hair which has completely ruined it but i'm still in denial about that and i'd rather blame it on my GHDs. I chose the L'Oréal Studio Line Hot & Smooth Hot Straight Spray because I liked the packaging and I've had good experiences before with L'Oréal heat protectant products. This one claims to be 3 day straight  (I don't think they test on my hair type for this though) and up to 230 degrees heat protection which is brilliant. You can find it here for £3.69. I know I keep swearing off dry shampoo but I swear it's hair care crack, once you've incorporated it into your life it becomes impossible to live without it. There are so many varieties available but I went for the Cherry Scented Batiste Dry Shampoo because it smells heavenly. The scent is described as 'fruity and cheeky'  and it was only £2.99 and available here.

This was recommended to me by a hairdresser to deal with the state of my hair after the Bleaching Disaster that seems to have turned my hair to elastic when wet *sob*. I have used Vo5 Hot Oil before but it was in a squeeze tube/ bottle rather than piddley little vials. Even after having a load of my lopped off I still needed 3 of these to cover my hair (and that's not even saturating it). This makes these tubes a bit of a false economy but I didn't have much choice as it's all Boots had in stock. There was no discernible difference after using this oil but I think my hair is too far gone as I really enjoyed using this product in the past. They were quite pricey at £4.29 for 60ml of product and can be bought here

I received one of these hair masks in my Christmas stocking and absolutely loved it, it made my hair very soft and manageable and felt really luxurious to use. Fortunately for my purse they were less than £3 a piece and available at good old Primark. The Hask Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment is supposed to strengthen, restore and smooth dry, damaged hair and I have to agree that it does. The Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner softens & prevents breakage in weak, damaged hair and I felt a real difference in the elasticity of my hair after use. 
What hair care products have made it into your shopping basket this month?

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