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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pegasus LIVE 2014 | Beauty Showcase

It sure has been a while since I've been able to blog and hopefully I can get back into the swing of things now I have a little more time on my hands and LOADS of products to blog about (so stay tuned!)

Pegasus was so lovely as to invite Kirsty and myself to their Product showcase last week, and I could not wait to share my experience with you all. There was a little delay on getting the photos from my personal photographer as her laptop had broken, but I finally have them and low and behold.. PegasusLIVE!

Excited by the concept of seeing and trying products before they're launched, I could not wait to get in the door, arriving in Central London early to make sure I found the Hotel.

The event was held in a lovely hotel called The Westbury in Mayfair, just a 2 minute walk from Oxford Circus (that road is a serious threat to my bank balance). On my way I stopped by Benefit to pick up their new They're Real! Gel Liner.. but more on that another time.. 

Arriving at the hotel, myself and my photographer Lucy Hammill, were gleefully greeted by Pegasus staff and directed to the floor where the event was being held. I wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't attended one of these events before (I dressed quite smart!)

Presented with a beverage and a personal tour guide for the event, we were first taken to the Bio-Oil stand where a lovely lady greeted us and introduced us to what Bio-Oil is all about. Having used the product before, I shared my praises. She went on to explain about their new #myskinstory, which gave an inspirational insight into people's insecurities and how with the help of Bio-Oil, they have come to accept their scars for what they are; life stories. It was heartwarming to learn of some of the stories people have and how they have taken scars and disfigurements in their stride and accept that no matter what anyone may say, they are still beautiful and scars are just a fact of life. Everyone has them. Some are just more visible than others. However, with the daily use of Bio-Oil, they are able to visibly reduce their scars.

I won't go into too much detail about the individual products in this post, as there simply is not enough time or space on a page to fit it into one. So I will follow this up everyday with a new post about a review of one or two products I discovered and sampled at the event. So KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!

On next to the Lloyds Pharmacy stand where another smiley lady (they were all so friendly!!) greeted us and explained what they had to showcase.

They explained that across the UK, Lloyds Pharmacy's offer a free skin analysis test in-store. Many women are unaware of their true skin status. I used to think my skin was oily, however found out it was actually quite normal! Knowing what skin type you are is crucial to finding out what skincare products to use. Their space-age looking machine tests a wide variety of things, from discovering your 'skin age' to testing your skins' levels of dehydration and knowing what SPF sun cream you need to wear. According to their statistics, 42% of people don't use the right products for their skin type.. That's loads! After your skin analysis is complete, they are able to give a non-bias recommendation on what products to use to suit your skin type and your skin needs.

Next to this was the Avène stall. Having recently bought a face cream in France just the other week (keep an eye out for the review) I know a little about the products, having had to try and translate all the bottles and tubes to know what I was buying. Essentially, Avène uses thermal spring water with low mineral content and rich in silica. This has been proven to have naturally soothing and anti-irritatant properties. pH balanced and extremely soft on the skin, their products can be used on any skin type and are even recommended for babies and those with skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

With the same parent company, A-DERMA , instead of being water based, is in fact oat based. Taking the oat from the ground as a bud, they are able to grow and harvest the richest minerals. A-DERMA is a 'dermo-cosmetic' plant-based active ingredients that, like Avène, soothe the skin and is recommended for delicate, damaged skin. However is best suited to dry and very dry skin. 

The main stall that caught my eye was ChapStick with their make-up pick'n'mix with not only yummy sweeties up for grabs, but a whole array of fun scented lip salves.. Heaven. On display was their shimmer range, their Lip Kits and their Original, Medicated and Flavoured ChapSticks. I wanted them all! They all just smell so sweet and make my lips so so smooth. 

Alongside, with equally fruity scents and flavours was Cuticura with a pop-up smoothie bar, giving us the opportunity to experience their product's ingredients in smoothie form. With flavours such as Aloe Soother and Supreme Clean, the smoothies weren't just flavoursome but healthy as well! As hand experts, Cuticura are best known for their anti-bacterial hand gel that come in a variety of fruity scents, but also have a range of hand creams and facial creams, wipes, moisturisers etc! Their new range caters for Sensitive, Combination & Oily and Dry skin, each with a different almost-edible scent.

I won't talk too much about this product as I am yet to find out actually what it is when it is launched.. but I can say it was a very odd experience! #shinemeup was shrouded in white curtains, this area of the showcase was very alluring and called to my inner detective. The first to actually enquire about the cornered-off area (well,  I did arrive early), they seemed very excited for me to be their first guinea pig.  As I had gel nail polish on, and the product was to be used on bare nails, I almost wasn't able to participate. However another nail stall came to our rescue with some pure acetone to soak off the gels. A million hours later, it was finally all off and the 'presentation' had to be set up. I then found out I was going to be filmed throughout my experience (cringe, I hate my voice) but agreed anyway. As they were trying to keep this product a sworn secret until launch day, I had to be blindfolded and led into the curtained area. Once I had edged into my chair, and then almost fell out, I placed my hands on the table for what I thought would be a new base-coat, colour, top-coat all-in-one product. But no.  Something started whirring and I was like agh they're going to kill me. 

 However, I needn't have worried, It was what felt like an electronic nail buffer system that had multiple stages to buff the nails. I must say, despite being damaged from having gel nails quickly removed, they were very shiny! I can't wait for it to launch to try it out again!

Anndddd after getting my nails lovely and buffed, I bee-lined straight for the nail bar to try out a new at-home gels kit called Rokit from HoMedics. Not yet on the shelves so was very lucky to get to try it out. I went for the cappuccino colour :) all it took was a quick wipe down of the nails with the primer and then two coats of the UV drying Gel nail polish.  Unfortunately, within minutes of having them done, I smudged them so I had to re-do them when I got home, but I can't wait to be able to try them out. They seem so much simpler and less time consuming than doing a base coat, 2 colour coats (dependant on colour) and then a top coat and all that faff when it could all be done with one pot of polish! And yes.. I am staring at that plate of food whilst I'm typing this.. soooo hungry! I also did spend an unhealthy amount of time on the HoMedics back massage chairs that were also there. I wanted to take it on the train back home with me!

As for the rest of the showcase brands, you'll have to check back! 

Did you attend PegasusLIVE? What do you think of the brands I came across?

P.S. I had many compliments on my jacket whilst I was there.. so incase you were wondering, its actually from Tesco, which unfortunately they don't sell online anymore, but I picked it up whilst on sale at around £20 down from £40! Keep an eye out at your local Tesco Extra, they might have one in the F&F sale section!

Photos by Lucy Hammill using a Sony a200 DSLR

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