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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Diptyque Violette Candle

Diptyque Violette Candle

Every time I walk past the little quaint Diptyque store on Boulevard Saint Germain I promise myself I will buy myself one of their famous candles soon and recently gave into the impulse. Up until a couple of weeks ago I worked next to a very big department store in Paris and I popped in their during my break to visit the concession just because I didn't want to wait until the weekend when I could get over to the Left Bank.

 Diptyque candles are the mother of all scented candles in my book and really warrant their luxury reputation. 

Diptyque Violette Candle

I initially decided to treat myself to 2 of the mini candles, that way I would get to try more scents but the concession didn't carry the Violette scent in the smaller size and as it was my favourite I decided to just go for the larger one. There are a few others that have been added to my wishlist because I am still dying to try them out, I can't really justify spending this amount of money on a candle very often.   They cost £40.00 from Diptyque, but are slightly cheaper in France! The Jasmin and Baies scents really stood out for me too and are fortunately available in the mini size which are a lot cheaper, at £20 each. 

Diptyque Violette Candle

It is definitely a huge step up from my usual Ikea ice cream scented candle and my all time favourite Black Cherry Yankee candle pales in comparison. Everything about the packaging screams luxury 

The Violette scent is heavenly, like a really strong Parma Violet, which happen to be my favourite sweets in the world. It's not too sweet, nor too floral but fills the whole room with a light and delicate scent. 

The SA was really helpful and told me that the mini sized candles don't burn as evenly as their bigger counterparts and actually don't last as long as the catalogue claims. There are some great tips for keeping the burn even and the wax burning clean in the little booklet too. 

Diptyque Violette Candle

Diptyque Violette Candle

Who knew that Diptyque made Body Lotion or Make Up Removing Balm?? I am super excited to try them out because I thought that they only made home and personal fragrances. 

What are your thoughts on Diptype candles?
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