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Monday, September 08, 2014


Hi girlies, was great to meet some lovely bloggers on Saturday. Thank you for telling me I had crumbs of cupcake in my hair for ages.!! :'( so embarrassing!
As Kirsty is STILL in Paris (She's back next week!), I took along my friend Rebecca. She's a trainee beautician and owner of PritteePerfect and an old photography A-level buddy. Apologies if some images are blurry. Her camera refused to focus on anything and was really temperamental when clicking the shutter. So trying to take a picture was hit and miss for most of the event. Have managed to find some decent ones at least!
I will be doing a separate post about the freebie products I got, so keep an eye out for that in the next few days as well!
Fantastically organised and well put together by blogger Scarlett London, the event was a hit. I arrived at around 4pm, the event was already in full swing, and Floor 31 at Tottenham Court Road's CentrePoint was full of keen bloggers ready to meet new brands and get to know other like-minded bloggers. Not to mention, there being a spectacular view of the groggy skyline from that high up!

Living just outside London, the train journey was over quicker than I expected and jumped on the tube excited to attend this event. As I had been busy that morning, I hadn't had time to put in that much effort into my makeup or outfit, so I stuck to leggings, chelsea boots and a long jacket.  Can't believe how frizzy my hair was!

More commonly known by members of the generation above ours, Oriflame, much like Avon is a very exclusive brand, which mostly trades through their catalogue or their website, which to me, makes me want their products more! The items that caught my eye the most, were the nail polishes! Speaking to the Rep about the brand, she told me of the new The One range they have just launched, and I must say, I was very interested in a lot of the products. They also had leaflets on how to use the products, which is always a useful bonus! 

Hopefully, I'll get to try out some of their products soon, so keep an eye out for the review!

I couldn't help myself.. The icing just looked amazing.. I had to have one! Unbeknown to me however, I was walking around with cupcake crumbs in my hair for a good 10 minutes before I noticed. They were delicious though!

Next up was a very useful connection to be made.. Search Laboratory. They can help any blogger gain followers, optimise their SEO and PPC, help you gain revenue from your blog and introduce you to some good advertisers and above all, increase your brand awareness on all forms of social media! Definitely something to look in to! Plus, they won me over with freebies of Haribo and other sweeties!

Situated on the opposite side of the room, a really cute new brand Bee Good was displaying their range of bees wax and honey based products, along with some super cute honey iced biscuits! (the quickest way to my heart is through food.. incase you hadn't already guessed..) Founded by husband and wife Simon and Caroline, they have created amazing skincare products and have really made a name for themselves in the short 6 years they have been producing their amazing products. I can tell you now.. they smelt amazing and really left the skin soft and moisturised!

Along the room a little further (I just went round and round and round making sure I saw all the products, so none of this is in any logical order really!) Was IZ Beauty of London nail wraps, where two lovely girls were applying sparkly, colourful wraps to either people's ring fingers or their whole hands. I wanted something really WOW, so went for the most colourful ones I could find. The Neon Pattern Semi-See Through pack. Although I absolutely LOVED the ones the girl that applied mine was wearing (which were the Neon Diamond design). The 20-wrap sets come complete with a mini nail file and cost £6 per pack and can be purchased here.

Unfortunately, my nail varnish colour didn't really go with the wraps I wanted, so I'll do a review when I get bored of this colour!

I really wish I had time to stay a bit longer, as I really wanted to get my make up done by the very talented Gary Cockerill but unfortunately.. the shops called! (I'm so bad). He had such a range of products. I had serious make up envy!
Here he's pictured giving a beautiful smokey eye on a blogger (if anyone knows who she is, let me know! Her hair is amazing!) I was in awe. Gotta get myself a masterclass with him, I am still so useless with eyeshadows!

Now, I'm actually in the market for a new curling wand, as I'm currently using my GHD's to curl my hair.. but obviously.. it's never going to compare to a proper curler. Cloud Nine have an amazing large barrel curler, called the Waving Wand that looks perfect for me. They're actually created by the people behind GHD so you know they're good! I have quite long hair, so a large barrel would create lovely volumous bouncy waves that no small barrel could.

They also had this really cool innovative product called "The O" which heats up their rollers in a matter of seconds! Super cool! If only I could actually use rollers.. (someone teach me please!)
The blogger who got her hair curled using the Waving Wand looked amazing after her hair was done. Full of volume and just looked so perfect. I need to get me some! Prices range from £54 right up to £300 so they're very much investment pieces, but I doubt you'd be disappointed! I'm saving up as we speak!

There were also a few fashion lines being showcased at the event, including Very.co.uk and WantHerDress.com, all displaying their summer best sellers. Bloggers were able to purchase some of their items.

My favourite pieces were of course the shoes. Being obsessed with all sorts of shoes (expect kitten heels as they're are an abomination), I beelined for the shoes. These snakeskin texture metallic flip flops are WantHerDress' current best sellers, and no wonder! They encapsulate the main trends that were around this summer. Personally, I'd go for the gold!

Very.co.uk also caught my eye, not just for their colourful selection of outfits displayed on their mannequins, but the SHOES! Carvela and Lipsy.. they were just so sparkly!

 Over the last couple of years I have been slowly growing my Kurt Geiger / Carvela collection and its currently a decent size... but there's always room to grow. These beauties caught my eye immediately as they're sparkly! However, I usually only buy thick heeled shoes as the stiletto heel is so difficult to walk in on nights out, so need heels that are stable and can keep me upright!

 These heels are from Lipsy and cost around £89. I'm literally like a magpie. I see shiny. I must have.

Also at the event were Urban Outfitters. This is one of my favourite shops as they have such retro things and their clothes are edgy and different. Not as mainstream 'lets be clones' style as most high street stores.  They were running a competition to win the new Fujifilm Instax mini 8 Polaroid camera worth up to £90. I realllllyyyy want one of these, and have actually found them online for as little as £45! So if you're after one, it's worth shopping online!

All in all, I had a great time at the #bloggersfestival and hope that everyone else did too. Keep your eyes peeled for the individual reviews of the goodies I got!
Did you go to the event? Were there any brands you hadn't heard of before?
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