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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Fluttery Falsies

false eyelashes

These fluttery little beauties were less than £1 for all 10 pairs, thanks to eBay. The only downside was  waiting well over a month for them to arrive by post. I was a little dubious at first as to how good they would actually be, most quality false lashes in the UK don't get you much change from a tenner these days so I was worried these would be less than useless.

They are a little but fiddlier to use and apply but overall I am very pleased. They are easy to cut to fit and wrapping them around a pencil for a minute or two made them curve to the shape of my eyelid much better. I recommend using Duo lash glue to hold these on though because the corners don't stay down as well as Eyelure lashes do. At the end of a night out, I can happily chuck them out rather than carefully remove them and clean them ready for re-use. 

false eyelashes

There were loads of different varieties available, each set more dramatic than the last. I chose these because they seemed the most natural looking and are therefore easier for me to pull off. 

false eyelashes

I often feel to overdone when I'm wearing false lashes but with these I feel like I have dramatic eyes without the heaviness. They are also ideal for cutting down to make smaller false eyelashes just for boosting the corners. 

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