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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kiko Cosmetics

 Kiko Cosmetics

Kiki smart lipstick, kiko clic intense eyeshadow
Kiko hand & foot stone scrub
I was so surprised to see a Kiko Cosmetics store in a Parisian suburb and couldn't wait to check out what they had. I tried not to get too carried away and ended up with these beauties. 
Hand&Foot Stone Scrub I was really intrigued by this product, mainly because of the hot pink contrasting with the black stone but also because I don't think i have ever seen an exfoliator packaged up for hands. I usually use the same one I use on the rest of my body but it was nice to try one specifically for them. I really like this scrub, it's not too abrasive but does the job very well. 
Clics Infinity Eyeshadow in 234 The Infinity shadows come in such a huge range of colours and you buy the palettes separately. I only treated myself to one shadow, a red brown that is incredibly pigmented. The Clics system palette was free because of a promotion, I'm not a fan of it because it's so clunky just for one eyeshadow. Perhaps if a larger palette had been part of the offer I would have been more tempted to fill it. It is nice to have a mirror inside it though. 
Smart Eye Pencil in 802 I'm not sure why it's smart actually but it is a lovely, smooth long lasting eye pencil in a dull chocolate colour. It doesn't blend brilliantly but for less than €2, i'm still pleased. 
Smart Lipstick in 912 This pink is so stunning and it applies like a dream. It's slick, but stays put. The packaging is to die for, so I will definitely be heading back to stock up on more of these.
I am pleased with my purchases and I look forward to seeing what else Kiko has to offer. The prices are so low and the quality is really impressive. My one criticism is that none of the shades have names, and numbers are harder to remember. 
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