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Friday, October 10, 2014

IZABELLE HAMMON Beauty of London Nail Wraps

If you've seen many of my Instagram photos or read my blog posts over the last few months, you'd know just how obsessed I am with nail varnishes and well.. anything to do with nails. You'll also hopefully sympathise with my lack of nails at the moment (I'm crying inside when I look at my little stubby fingers) I'm trying so hard to grow them back as I did the last time Acrylics ruined them! As you can see in the photo above, I'm wearing stick ons, as my nails were so short and thin when I attended the #BloggersFestival.

 At the event, there was a little nail stall with two lovely girls applying a wide range of IZ Beauty of London Designer Nail Wraps to bloggers ring fingers. With 20 different designs to choose from, You'll be more than happy with the range and selection of designs. They've got everything from bright and colourful to simple and understated. I can honestly say.. I want them ALL!!  

These three in particular I LOVE.
Black and Gold Diamond 3D
Neon Diamond

White Diamond 3D

They're designed to be compatible with all types of gels so can be sealed into gel nail varnish with precision. They're easy to apply, with the help of the included nail file to neaten the edges, and just as easy to take off. They dissolve easily with acetone based nail polish remover or just peels off if placed on top of glossy nail polish. 

At only £6.50 per pack (20 wraps), you'd be a fool not to get them! I just wish I'd picked up a few more packs at the event. Love Love Love these.

Did you attend the #BloggersFestival? Which wraps were your favourite?

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