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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

UK Launch: JorgObé Peel Off Mask*

JorgObé created their fantastic range, full of natural ingredients and nourishing natural minerals back in 2010 in Copenhagen. They created the range as they were “driven by [their] curiosity and [have] a strong passion for creating effective skin care products for men and women striving for cleaner and more beautiful skin”

The Black Peel Off Mask was their first product, originally sold in 10ml sachets and marketed exclusively to private consumers via Trendsales.dk. However after a few months, they realised just how special their product really was, as their first 10,000 units had sold out completely. Curiosity took over, and suddenly everyone wanted to get their hands on this striking jet black face mask.

For me, it’s their simplistic, yet striking packaging that sets off my curiosity. Black and white is so understated, but so eye catching at the same time. I really wanted to know what the hype was all about! Little did I know, JorgObé were keen to break into the UK skin care market, and I really think this product is going to go down tremendously!

It now sits prominently on my bathroom shelf, ready for use every time my skin needs a deep clean.

Let’s learn more....

Their other products include the Refreshing Scrub Mask and the White Tea Balancing Cream (both work together seamlessly with the Black Peel Off Mask to give you great looking skin). By 2012, this award winning black wonder mask had become the best selling peel off mask in the Nordic countries.
All of JorgObé’s products are created without the use of any harmful parabens, mineral oils, silicone, colours or paraffin, making their products 100% natural.

So what natural ingredients does it contain? Lets take a look..

       Black kaolin clay (gives it the jet black colour) - This absorbs excess sebum from your skin as well as cleansing and reducing clogged pores.
       Witch Hazel (a known treatment of spots) - This reduces the size of the pores and gives them a deep cleanse.
       Echinacea (commonly known as a coneflower) - This is used to fight infection and rids the skin of bacteria and impurities.
       Dragon’s Blood (the sap from the Croton Lecheri tree) - This has a cleansing effect and calms stressed and sensitive skin.
       Oak Charcoal - This active, purifying ingredient helps absorb oil and impurities.

Made especially to target oily skin and clogged pores in the T-zone, it gives your pores a deep cleanse, reduces your skin’s production of excess oil and prevents new blackheads from appearing. With the use of specially selected plant extracts, the mask helps your skin regain it’s natural balance of moisture, leaving it soft and pore-free.

So how’s it used?

       It is recommended that you shake before use - this wakes up all the minerals and goodness - like giving a potion a quick stir.
       Ensure your face is clean and free from any make up or creams - this is so the mask can get a proper grip of the impurities deep in your pores (this is where their Refreshing Scrub comes in.) Alternatively, click here to see what products I used to cleanse my skin in preparation.
       Squeeze a large chestnut sized dollop of mask onto your fingertip (this way its less messy) and smear a thick, even layer onto your t-zone (starting with your forehead is easiest)
       Cover your chin, nose and forehead in the mask - avoiding delicate areas around the eyes
       Ensure the edges of your mask are thick to make the peel off easier
       Once you look superbly strange with your mask on, sit around and do what you want for half an hour!
       Once fully dry and you have that I can’t move my face feeling... it’s probably time to relieve your skin of this extra layer.
       Careful now... its like ripping off a plaster… it will be painful… but oh so satisfying! You get a nice face wax… who’s complaining?!
       The mask is easily dissolvable in water so don’t fret about coving your sink in its charcoal coloured glory
       Once you’ve painstakingly peeled as much off as you can tolerate, wash the rest off with warm water (my eyes were watering by this point)
(excuse my eyebrows.. I'd rubbed off the brow powder I use - reviewed briefly here) 
But once you see how radiant your skin is after... you will know it’s worth it! Recommended to apply once or twice a week, you will see a noticeable improvement in the size of your pores and the clarity and cleanliness of your skin.

You might however, see some more spots pop up after this mask... but don’t worry, its just the gunk that’s rising to the surface as a result of the mask… DEEP clean remember!

After you’ve taken off the mask, use a good toner to close up the pores and reduce the risk of re-clogging. Then apply a nice moisturiser (this is where their White Tea Balancing Cream comes in) to smooth it all off! And Hey Presto! Beautiful skin, cleansed the natural way!

Priced at £21, this 100ml Black Peel Off Mask is a bargain. Or if you want the whole set, you can buy all three for £48 in the JorgObé Gift Set.
Have you tried any of JorgObé's products before? What do you think of the striking jet-black mask?
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