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Friday, November 21, 2014

Jasmine's 21st Birthday: Delayed Post

I've just found this in my drafts!!!! My birthday was back in April but here's what I got up to on my 21st.. Didn't go out.. just had a nice weekend of dinner, family and friends :) 
(following was written back in April)
That time has finally come for me to join the adult world.. I know.. scary right! I vowed I would pass my driving test before I turned 21, and luckily I have, so there's one triumph there...
Having your birthday over the Easter weekend has its good and bad sides.. good, because it guarantees people will be off work and that I get easter eggs as well... the downside.. everything is closed and people already have plans :(
A couple days before my birthday I bought myself a little present.. was it a bag? was it some shoes? NOPE it was a hamster! I named him Winston and he's soo cute!!

Nevertheless I still had a great weekend. Starting off on Thursday. I organised a meal at TGI Fridays with my friends as I knew they'd be too busy on the weekend to go clubbing. I had quite a few cocktails and a whopping great meal.  The embarrassment started when the TGIF staff brought over a cake and make the whole restaurant sing me Happy Birthday. And of course, I stood there looking like a lemon, celebrating my 21st in a TGI's... Was a lovely meal though and was great to see my friends.
Saturday was spent lounging around, relaxing after a stressful day at work on Good Friday. Then that afternoon my boyfriend's family took us out for a lovely meal at a gourmet pub a few miles away. I think I've gained about a stone this past few days! SO MUCH FOOD! I had a shoulder of lamb which fell off the bone. So so tender. 
I then went to my parent's house as my Grandparents had driven down from Swindon to celebrate with me. I spent the evening  going through old family photos with them . 
Once I got back to my house, I found that my boyfriend had decorated the bedroom with 21st Birthday banners, balloons and ceiling hangings. So cute!

Sunday came and I woke up at 7am, not on purpose.. I just woke up. Wished I could have had a lie in, but oh well. Rolling over, I caught my boyfriends eye and he leapt out of bed to retrieve my presents from where he hid them, he was like an excited little child at christmas!
He bought me a Thomas Sabo bracelet a couple years ago and has been adding to it ever since. I also LOVE  Pugs and have socks, jumpers, bed sheets.. the lot.. so this Thomas Sabo Pug charm was a very welcome sight! ! IT IS ADORABLE!!!!

The other presents from him were a Chocolate Making workshop in London, (which I still haven't attended yet!),  a bunch of tulips and a cute I Love You mug, which I use at work.

After getting ready and opening my presents from his family;  Hugo Boss Orange Perfume from his Aunt and Uncle, a Topshop Voucher from his sister and some Lush Massage Bars and a Kurt Geiger Voucher from his parents, (all amazing presents, I'm such a lucky girl!) we headed over to my family's house for a cooked breakfast.

From my parent's I got, an iPad mini Retina 32GB, my brother bought me a Brownie Maker and my grandparents gave me some money, which I put towards a flat!

We then headed over to Paradise Wildlife Park - in the rain... but I love Zoos, so this was a perfect day out. We even got to watch the White Tiger being fed and I got to touch some Meerkats!

It was such a lovely day, despite the rain, we headed over to a local gourmet pub and all had a roast. Literally SO MUCH FOOD!

With my KG voucher, I ordered the most beautt shoes ever! 

I haven't worn them that many times, mainly because they're so high and I don't want to ruin them!

They're in their box still, although I have worn them a few times! 

After the meal, I went back to my boyfriend's house and was greeted with a thick, rich, gooey, flakey chocolate cake. I only managed one slice. The cake lasted a week, however I couldn't manage more than my first slice.. and i LOVE chocolate.  I was quite shocked by myself that I didn't have more! but I literally couldn't manage it! It was far too rich and sickly for my liking. But was so grateful for the thought that went into it! He's such a babe!!

What's on your birthday list? I'm so stuck for ideas for Xmas, let alone birthday!!

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