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Monday, January 19, 2015

New Year New Me: Part 1

After battling with weight loss and weight gain most (okay, all) of my post-pubescent life, I have come to realise that I'm just not putting enough effort in. I've been to various gyms, I've tried all the diets. But I can never really stick to it for very long. So over Christmas, I decided I was going to get a gadget to encourage me along a bit. Something to be my little Jimminy Cricket on my shoulder to remind me to be more active. 
So that's exactly what I did. For this post, and the one that will follow, I will be reviewing a fairly inexpensive pedometer as well as a slightly more expensive but still affordable fitness tracker.
The 4X3 razor digital pedometer by Ozeri was just the ticket when I decided I wanted to be more active this year. 
It's small, simple design makes it ideal to slip in your pocket or clip to your belt. It even comes with an easy attach clip and lanyard. About the length of your baby finger and the width of a £2 coin, you won't even notice it's there when you're climbing the stairs rather than taking the lift and walking to the shop rather than driving.
It has an easy to use display too; from the press of a button you can see the time, how far you've walked, how many calories you've burned and how much weight you've burnt off. Initial set up is simple and takes just seconds to input your height, weight and preferred measure of units. And off you go! Ready to power walk your way into those skinny jeans you've been eyeing up. 
After using it for just a week, I managed to drop 3 pounds, without changing my diet! It made me more aware of my activity throughout the day and encouraged me to walk more and get more active. 10,000 steps a day, keeps the fat away! 
- Length - 6.7cm
- Width - 3.4cm
- Depth - 0.6cm
- Weight - 16g
- Steps
- Distance
- Speed
- Calories
-Fat Burned
- Exercise Time
Not only does this Ozeri Razor track your steps, but its tri-axis measures your stairs climbed too and factors them into your calorie burn. One thing that would make this even better, is if you could input a daily goal and it could beep if you reach it. But even without a feature like that, it's all about challenging yourself and getting yourself out and about. 
After all, Summer bodies are made in Winter!

 Keep an eye out for my next post in which I review the Fitbit Flex fitness band.

Have you started a new fitness regime this new year? Did you buy any gadgets to help you get motivated?

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