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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Portugal | Vale do Lobo | Day 2

Vale do Lobo Qunita do Lago beach Algarve Portugal

Following on from my last post, I wrote these blogs whilst I was there and have only just managed to sync them onto my laptop, despite being a few months since I was there, so apologies!! I hope you like this series of holiday blogs, we're trying to do more travel blogging, seeing as we go to so many different places! My holiday was beautiful and now have a lovely tan that I'm slowly exfoliating away :'(, but it's a holiday I can look back on with the help of some beaut photos I was able to take! Photos are a mixture from my camera and my phone. (phone ones were mostly square)

Hope you enjoy!
Day 2

Sun, Sea, Sand and Sunburn

Woke up at 7am. Stupid body clock! Forced myself to back to sleep for 2 more hours - a well needed sleep after the kerfuffle yesterday and its a holiday.. its for relaxation and rest ;)! 

Our hire car arrived this morning, meaning we can go out exploring today! Had a nice fruit salad for breakfast from the fruit we bought in the supermarket yesterday... the fruit over here is incredible! So fresh and tasty! Then we got ready to go on an adventure.. Not that there's much to do, but there's so much to see!

Vale do Lobo Qunita do Lago beach casa do lago Algarve Portugal

We drove down past the Quinta Do Lago resort, towards the lake to Casa Do Lago seafood restaurant and bar that overlooked the beach that had massive luxury villas at the water's edge, all owned by famous footballers no doubt!
I wore my favourite maxi dress tied up above the knee and tan sandals today, at least my back burns from yesterday were covered! So painful! Can't say the same for my front though, my dress had rope style cut outs on the chest which left me with some truly awful tan lines! Great.. More to even out! Feel like a patchwork right now!! At least I have the rest of the week to try and fix it.

Venturing round the back of the lakeside restaurant, we discovered a water sports cabin that offered a whole range of activities, from sailing to kayaking, and bike riding to hiring pedalos. Definitely going to come back as I haven't been sailing in years! Got to put my RYA Sailing Certificate I got when I was 14 to good use at some point!

Vale do Lobo Qunita do Lago beach lake Algarve Portugal

On the way back to the resort we stopped at Quinta Shopping Centre for lunch and a browse of the shops. It was a Sunday, bare in mind, so you can imagine that not much was open. 

By this point, we had spent all €70 we took in cash, so it was time to empty that Euro Cash card we have! Lunch consisted of a ham and cheese sandwich with a side of chips and mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. I can tell my PT isn't going to be happy with me when I get back! Must go look at the resort's gym, I really can't afford to lapse whilst on this holiday!

Having only brought one bikini top to 6 bikini bottoms with me on this holiday, I've decided I need to buy another. Unfortunately, all the shops that sold bikinis either only sold teeny tiny ones or were closed. Damn Sundays! It's definitely going to be some task to find a bikini in my size! I am of the larger breasted group of women who have disproportionate small waists so usually have to buy the biggest women's sizes to ensure everything is covered, and then alter the back so it doesn't just fall down or ride up! Please tell me I'm not alone in this annoying affliction. Nothing ever fits!. Most of the matching bikini sets I have, I've grown out of in the chest, so left them at home in the hope that one day they shrink!

Vale do Lobo Qunita do Lago beach Algarve Portugal

As the weather was still really hot and the sun was burning down on us, we decided to find that beach we went to yesterday and test out the sand and the waves. As you can see from the pictures, the beach was amazing! It was quite empty so we were able to sunbathe without the typical annoying children running round and splashing. But most of all, it was basically a private beach due to its location in the middle of two five star resorts. The sun loungers had to be rented so we set up camp with out beach towels beneath us on the sand. I could feel my awful tan lines evening out.. thank god!

Vale do Lobo Algarve Portugal Beach
At around 5pm, we packed up and went back to our villa to have a dip in the pool and to get our bbq started for our dinner of chicken and salad. All bought fresh from a local market. Being the master of the flame (aka I'm good at making fires) I started the barbecue to cook dinner. I ended up stinking of fire, a shower was definitely needed!

After dinner we went to sign up for the gym, but unfortunately, it was closed. So we went down to the Praça (full of restaurants and entertainment) and Praia (the beach) to watch the sunset and to watch the evening entertainment. The sunset was actually stunning. I'd bought new sunglasses that had purple lenses, so made the sky look incredible! After a romantic stroll down the beach and watch the sun set on the horizon, we went back to the Praça to La Crêperie Cafe, which did the BEST waffles and milkshakes I've ever had! They were quite reasonably priced too, so didn't break the bank too much. We spent the rest of the evening watching two "entertainers" sing murder songs such as Amy Winehouse's Rehab and Pharrell's Happy. We ended up leaving after they began their second set, we just couldn't bare the cheesiness of this weird couple! So we headed home, in the hope tomorrow, we would find a new adventure.

Keep checking back for the next day :)
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