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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#DMBloggerParty | Dirty Martini | Hanover Sq.

After the #BloggersFestival last week, we started walking towards Oxford Street with Pao and Angela but decided that it was way too far and with all our heavy bags, so we used our codes uberJasTM and Kirstyt66 to hail an UBER taxi to Hanover Square where Dirty Martini is. @LDNMeetup had organised a party at the bar with around 50 bloggers, we were really keen to meet even more bloggers and well.. we really wanted a drink after our long day! 
We still had about an hour to kill so we went on an adventure to find somewhere to shop, What else would you expect us to do!? We headed to Fenwicks, mainly as it was the first shop we saw, but also because it had MAC and it's very close to Dirty Martini.  Of course, Kirsty couldn't help herself but purchase a MAC lipstick on a whim (she went for Twig). After a failed attempt to get my EE Powerbar swapped for a charged one on Oxford Street, we headed to the venue early in the hopes we can sit and have a rest and recharge before people started to arrive. 

People didn't really start turning up until about 7:30-8:00, so we had the booths to ourselves and were given a complimentary welcome glass of Prosecco. We were just glad to be off our feet! We were very well looked after by the staff,  and the lovely bar staff even charged my phone for me.
We arrived during happy hour which meant most of the martinis on the menu were luckily half price. [Angela went for the Chocolate Martini, Pao for the Passion Fruit, Kirsty for the Chilli and Mango (& Strawberry and pepper), and I went for the French Martini.. Chambord is my fave!] They were all really nice, just the right amount of spirit and we ordered a plate of chips with delicious aioli for some sustenance.
When more people started arriving, the barman came over to offer the chance to make our own martini.. having done two masterclasses at Vodka Revolution in York, I was eager to give it a try. Although when it came to my turn, as he didn't let me use measures, my Sour Cherry Martini ended up being not very nice and overly strong.. I tried one that another blogger had ordered and they couldn't have been more different- I definitely need to start practicing. Someone buy me a Boston Glass please to use with my cocktail shaker!
By the time the event started to pick up, we were ready to call it a night as we all had  quite a distance to travel home and were just so tired as this was our third event that day! But thank you @LDNMeetup for organising it, we had a lot of fun getting to know Pao and Angela more, Love you girls!
Did you go to the #DMBloggersParty? What is your favourite Martini?
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