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Friday, October 23, 2015

Ad | Cocoa Brown | NEW Tanning Gels for £5.99

cocoa brown gel
Now, as we've got mediterannean skin (luckily) we don't usually need to wear fake tan, as we're darker than usual anyway and tan very easily, however, in the winter months, we do feel quite pastey, and that desire, by almost every girl, is to always rock an amazing tan! Cocoa Brown is probably the one brand I've actually used, as I cannot stand the smell of them usually! They just smell like biscuits and BO! I've used the Gentle Bronze Gradual Tan before. It smells okay and isn't at all streaky. It leaves me feeling a lot more confident about going bare legged anywhere and can also be used as a hack for semi permanent contouring! Who knew! But the smell is still kinda noticeable and get a bit sticky, as with any fake tan after a day or two!

Best Selling Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter tanning range has just added two new Instant Tan Bronzing Gels to their already extensive tanning range. The highly anticipated Bronzing Gels have been released in both matte and shimmer variants and are available to purchase for £5.99 each.
Like all Cocoa Brown products, the Bronzing Gels are scented with the signature Cocoa Brown Tahitian Gardenia scent - no fake tan pong! As always with Cocoa Brown, the new Instant Tan Bronzing Gels are non-comodengenic meaning they are safe to be used on your face.

What makes the NEW Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Instant Tan Bronzing Gels a must-have beauty buy for Autumn 2015?

Instant / Wash off : Great for last minute tanning for special occasions. Rinses off in the shower.
No fake tan pong : Beautifully scented with Cocoa Brown Tahitian Gardenia signature scent.
Two variants : Available in ‘Shimmer’ with light reflecting minerals & ‘Matte’ for that signature bronzed, Cocoa Brown glow.
Lightweight gel formula : Easy, non-sticky application & results will last longer than bronzing powder.
Dries instantly : Apply and get dressed within minutes before heading out!
Facial tanning : Can be layered over your makeup to contour/highlight or used as a foundation replacement for an easy, everyday glow.

Marissa’s Top Tips for applying Cocoa Brown Instant Tan Bronzing Gels :
Use a Cocoa Brown Double Sided Deluxe Pink Velvet Tanning Mitt to apply. Dispense a large coin-sized amount of the Bronzing Gel on the mitt and use soft, circular motions to buff the tan on your skin
Use the Shimmer’ Bronzing Gel to highlight. Apply on cheekbones, down the front of your legs and on your shoulders for an instant radiant complexion.
Add a dash of the ‘Matte’ Bronzing Gel to your foundation for a bronzed makeup look.
Use a contouring makeup brush to apply the Instant Bronzing Gel to contour your face over or instead of makeup.

Let them know what you think ; @CocoaBrownTan #CocoaBrownAW15

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Instant Tan Bronzing Gels, RRP £5.99, are available on www.cloud10beauty.com now.

What are your thoughts on Cocoa Brown's products? Let us know in the comments below!

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