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Friday, November 06, 2015

FARFETCH | MYSWEAR | Python meets Suede

I've wanted a pair of slip-on trainers basically... forever! These Maddox beauties are perfect. With the added customisable feature that FARFETCH offer on their SWEAR shoe range, you can create the perfect pair of shoes, suited to your tastes, style and boldness! 

There are 10 different styles of shoe for women and 10 styles for men, so not only do you have a wide choice of designs, but also a wide choice of styles of shoe!

You can be as daring and outlandish as you'd like as they offer a wide variety of colours, materials and combinations, so you can make a pair of shoes truly one of a kind!

I went for a slip on trainer, as they were very on trend this Summer/Autumn, with all sort of designs cropping up in high street stores and from high end designers too! My favourites were the black faux pony pair with a bright white sole that many stores have on sale, but I've never gotten around to purchasing any! 

Looking through the various options, I decided to go for the Python skin in black for the toe, the red suede choice for the sides, a white sole, black insole and silver elastic. This design combines my love of leathers and keeps in with the seasonal colours of black and red. SWEAR is contemporary, rebellious and imaginative. I feel my design fits all three descriptions, by mixing colours and leathers, I went for a subtly bold (if that's a thing) statement, keeping it contemporary with the silver accent of the elastic.

I really like how you're able to contrast colours and materials with the SWEAR range on FARFETCH and people can be themselves!

Teamed perfectly with a pair of dark skinny jeans, they are all about style and comfort in one. Add in an oversized jumper/coat, and you're in for a winner, just like Ashley Olsen (style QUEEN!).

What colour/material combos would you choose? Let me know in the comments!
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