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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Models Own | Colour Chrome Collection

models own colour chrome collection

When I first saw these Models Own shades launch, I had to snap them up. Like most bloggers, I'm obsessed with all metal shades; gold, rose gold, silver, copper etc.. so these shades are absolutely perfect. In their Colour Chrome Collection, there are 15 different chrome shades including these four, in Copper, Pink, Green and Blue. There's also a gold, silver, pearl and rose. I need them all!

These were part of my Models Own nail varnish haul a few months ago when I also bought a base coat, a Hypergel and a Speckled Egg shade.

I've always liked Models Own polishes.. there's something beautiful about their design, the simplicity of the shape and how neat they sit on my shelves. These chrome bottles are no exception, just look at them! 

The bottles do need a good shake before application as the colour needs to mix with the chrome thoroughly. Application wise, you pretty much could get away with a single coat, but I usually apply two just to be on the safe side. I'd also advise using a steady hand, as the stroke marks don't blend in as normal coloured nail varnish does.  Leaving them to dry for a few minutes, you'll have amazingly beaut nails! My favourite has got to be the Copper. It kind of looks rose gold (it matches my rose gold iPhone) and just applies so nicely and beautifully. If you like metallic colours, I highly recommend this range!

models own colour chrome collection

models own colour chrome collection

models own colour chrome collection
You can get your hands on any of these colours (and the 11 others) for just £4.99 each direct from their website, or pop along to your local Boots!
Do you have any of the Colour Chrome shades? Which one's your favourite?

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