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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tredwell's Restaurant | Marcus Wareing | London

marcus wareing tredwells restaurant lamb chop

Heading to London for my sister-in-law (to-be)'s birthday lunch, my stomach was really rumbling. We tottered around Covent Garden for a while looking at the shops and stalls and street performers, bought some new shoes to ease my aching blistered feet and made our way over to Tredwell's.

Owned by Master Chef's Marcus Wareing, Tredwell's offers a range of succulent dishes created by the TV chef and replicated by the restaurant's skilled masters of the kitchen. Having won AA's Restaurant of the Year - London back in 2015, the array of 'modern London cooking' was certainly getting us excited to try it!

 Tucked amongst the theatres and surrounding fast food restaurants, shops and box offices, the restaurant is located in the Seven Dials in London's West End. Walking in, your immediate attention is drawn to the huge metal clock on the wall, made from knives and other cutlery. Teamed with worn effect mirrors and dark woods, you really get the feel of being in an old London bar.

A quick glimpse at the cocktail menu and Amaretto Sours were ordered. They were amazing. Made with proper egg white on top to get the froth and just the right amount of sweet and sour combined... heavenly.

Ordering the food was a bit more complicated  for me though, as I cannot eat gluten or dairy, which sucks. But the staff were really helpful and said any necessary adjustments would be made to anything I ordered. I didn't have a starter, as most were bread-based, so dove right in with the main courses. I went for the Lake District lamb chops, Merguez sausage, onion and celeriac with a side of skinny fries.  

To cater for my intolerances, I was told that they would have to substitute the onion sauce for a GF, DF alternative, which I was more than happy with. If you're really intolerant or have severe allergies, the chips are also fried in the same fryer as things containing gluten,so be careful... but that's not an issue for me luckily!

The food arrived quite quickly and was presented beautifully, as you would expect from an award winning dining experience. The replacement sauce was exquisite when mixed with the rich, juicy flavour of the lamb and spice of the sausage. The celeriac proved a refreshing addition to the dish, surprising, as I'd not been too keen on it in the past. Watered down with the rest of my cocktail, it was time for dessert.

marcus wareing tredwells restaurant virtuous chocolate brownie

If I eat dessert, it has to be chocolatey. I would accept nothing less. I always tended to go for the brownie or the chocolate cake, fondant etc., it has to be chocolate. So seeing that they had a vegan dish on the menu, I was very pleased. Dubbed 'The Virtuous Chocolate Brownie' and served with a refreshing coconut yoghurt, the brownie wasn't as chocolatey as I'd hoped. You could taste the dried fruit (prune or dates perhaps) that bulk up these brownies, but compared to the gooey chocolate brownies I was used to before discovering I was intolerant, there was an obvious difference. Baring in mind that this was a vegan brownie, which usually means you don't get the gooey creaminess that milk products bring, it tasted nice and was flavoursome with the yoghurt on the side. It's presentation certainly was lovely!

In summary, portion sizes were more than adequate, they provided exquisite food which caters for allergies and intolerances and aren't too bad for prices, considering its 4-star!

I'd definitely recommend it as an evening out in the Seven Dials, or if you're looking for a place to have a special meal. You won't regret it!

Have you ever been to Marcus Wareing's restaurant? What did you think?



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