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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Valentines Day Blush | Pink and Natural

Valentines Day look blush, ysl elegant touch eylure

Whether you're out with your significant other, partying with friends or even just alone with the TV remote, you deserve to feel and look amazing. So we've brought you an alternative to our Valentines Day Glam look. We're both partial to pinks, pastels and more natural lashes and makeup. Adding a bit of pink and adding length to your lashes can instantly uplift your mood, I know it does for me. It brings a touch of elegance to any everyday makeup look and makes you feel like you're dressing up for a special occasion, even if you're not actually adding too much.
I plan on spending Valentine's Day, not with my husband, as he is working, but with my best friend who's other half is travelling in Australia. Most likely watching movies and eating ice cream, I still want to look good doing it.
valentines day blush eylure 116 natural lashes
Eylure and Elegant Touch kindly sent us some beaut colours and lash styles to help us complete our Valentines Day looks. While Jasmine went for the bolder 'going out' lashes, I chose the Lengthening lashes in No. 116. These are definitely my new favourite lashes! They're very natural looking yet still give you that glamorous feeling of being dressed up. 
valentines day blush eylure 116 natural lashes duo lash
Since buying Duo Lash, I've never really used any other lash adhesive, as none can compare. The dark toned glue fixes almost like super glue and there's never that awkward moment when your lash is hanging off your eyelid. You'll never need to bring lash glue out with you again! I tested these lashes out on a recent night of drinks with Jasmine and I really don't think I'll buy any other lashes. You can get a pair for just £5.25!
valentines day blush eylure 116 natural lashes
I'm more partial to lighter, blush, natural and pink colours than the darks Jasmine chose, and the Fuchsia and The Hamptons - Jackie (both at £6.59) colours do not disappoint. Although not my preferred shape, the nails are long lasting and go great with my skin tone. 
The nail guards are an ingenious idea. They are little thin strips of plastic that you can coat each nail with so that the glue for the false nails doesn't harm your actual nails. When it's time to remove the nails, there's no soaking needed and no pain as you pry the nail away from your own. All you have to do is slip a cuticle tool under the nail and scrape away the plastic nail guard.. and hey presto, the nail is off with no pain and no damage.
valentines day elegant touch fuchsia and jackie false nails pink hamptons nail guards
Even if I don't go for the nail shape again, I'm sure to purchase the Nail Guards (RRP £2.95) for any future false nail use. As much as I love all the colours and designs Elegant Touch have, I do wish they offered a variety of shapes on all of their nails; square, 'squoval', rounded, stiletto etc. just so we have the choice! I know they have a Jelly range which is square tipped, and their House of Holland range generally are oval or stiletto, I feel having the range there would open up so many more nail possibilities for myself and others like me!
Do you prefer the Blush or the Glam Valentines looks? What are your favourite lashes and nails?
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