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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

MINTYCOCO | Natural Teeth Whitening*


I am obsessed with getting whiter teeth so I jumped at the chance to review Mintycoco* all natural coconut oil teeth whitening sachets. I love wearing lipstick and white teeth are really important for lipstick wearing confidence which has led me to try loads of different teeth whitening kits in the past. I usually use chemical bleaching whitening strips but they cause so much teeth sensitivity and have left me in agony so I was thrilled to find a safe and natural alternative. Plus they do not meet EU safety regulations and having to import them from the US is a pain. Mintycoco are available online and arrive quickly in the post in a cute box that easily fits through the letterbox.

Oil pulling is an ancient technique that is thought to have many health benefits.  Mintycoco is an all natural oil detox that is designed to improve the health of gums and teeth, it is fantastic for removing stains on teeth caused by coffee or wine. Coconut oil is mainly solid at room temperature so I prefer to warm the sachet in my hands for a few minutes before I put it in my mouth. I've used coconut oil for oil pulling before and the sensation takes a while to get used to, once it has all melted and you get into the swing of swishing  it about it can be quite pleasant. The soft peppermint flavour of Mintycoco makes it much easier and made it feel like a normal part of my dental hygiene routine. The sachets are easy to use, much less faff than trying to dig out coconut oil from a jar with a spoon and really convenient for carrying with you on the go or travel. I did not need to use the full sachet at a time as there would have been no room in my mouth to swish the oil around, which makes the 14 sachet set an absolute bargain at £23.99 plus free shipping!

The Mintycoco package does come with full instructions

The results are not as immediate as with chemical whitening treatments because they are not bleaching and damaging your teeth, but for the price and the ease of use I can totally recommend Mintycoco. It did take a couple of days for me to see the effects so it is worth persevering with the full course of the treatment, my teeth were very noticeably whiter after using all the sachets. I’ll try and take an ‘after’ shot as soon as there is more than 10 minutes of daylight in my flat.  I love using Mintycoco sachets safe in the knowledge that my dentist won't have a go at me for doing further damage to my already weak enamel as they are ideal for naturally whitening my smile. 

If you’d like to give them a try yourself, they are available here, don’t forget to tweet us to show your results!

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