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Saturday, May 14, 2016

8 Destinations on my Travel Bucket List

I long to travel. There's nothing that gives me a deeper sense of happiness than the excitement building up to a holiday. An escape from reality, from work, from the daily struggle to get up in the mornings. I dream of places I can jet off to, but without the funds, or the annual leave, I'm limited to one holiday a year, if I'm lucky. 

I didn't take a gap year like a lot of people I know. My year group was the last year that had the normal £3.5k a year fees. Had I taken a gap year, I would have been lumped with the triple fees debt, rather than my now minuscule debt (ha! I wish) in comparison. My sister on the other hand, had already taken 2 gap years by the time I finished sixth form, and continued deferring her uni place for another year after that. I am slightly envious of her, as within that time, she got to live abroad, experience new things, new places, learn new languages and even met her now-husband over in Switzerland. But similarly, I tease her for the amount of debt she will be in once she graduates (this June, as she took another year out after her first year of uni to live in Paris)

The prospect of taking a 'gap year' after uni was out of the question. I needed to get a job as I had no money after uni, despite working several jobs throughout and having a maintenance loan and a little bit of help with daily travel costs from my parents. I pretty much moved out of my parents house the minute I went off to uni. Circumstances for me were that I got a boyfriend in my home town just before uni and stayed together throughout my years at York. In my final year, I transferred to London Met, and basically moved in with him. And then.. life continued, our relationship developed, we got our own place and are now engaged and planning our wedding. I wouldn't change a thing as I now have someone to travel with but I am envious of everyone that's been to Bali, Australia and the Far East. Their photos are incredible and I lust after their glowing tans and incredible memories.

Travelling as far as I want to is still a possibility, but would require a lot of time off work and a lot of money. Neither of which I have. One day, I want to start crossing off countries, places, cities etc from my Bucket List, with my husband-to-be by my side, so that we can finally experience the world, it's different cultures, experiences and people, together. That's the dream.

Here's my top 8 vacation destinations on my Bucket List. 

1. The Maldives
An absolutely stunning location that has been top of my list since seeing a photo of it's stunning villas on stilts, infinity pools and sun loungers overhanging the vast, never-ending crystal clear Indian Ocean. Waters mirroring the sparkle and blue of the sky, the Maldives is certainly one of my dream honeymoon locations. I would love 2 weeks to just chill out, catch a tan and well, take a million Instagram photos and selfies!

2. Egypt
The Prince of Egypt was one of my favourite films growing up and I was fascinated by the history built and buried in the sand. Stacked up as high as the sky, the pyramids tower over the Sahara desert and leave tourists gawping at their sheer size. I've ridden camels before in Marrakesh, but I have a childhood dream of riding a camel across the desert in the steep shadows of Egyptian history.

3. Australia
There are so many sights to see in Australia, but the Uluru (Ayres Rock) has to be in the top attractions to visit while you're there. Amongst the other amazing places and things to see such as the Sydney Opera House, the Golden Coast, the Coral Reefs and the indigenous animals that thrive in Australia's biodiverse environment, Uluru is a stunning piece of geology which will attract visitors to the outback for generations. I'm just fascinated by the landform and how beautiful it is in addition to it's surroundings.

4. Amsterdam
A city of culture, acceptance and pushing boundaries. It's vibrancy is what attracts me to the capital of the Netherlands. With its canals, bicycles and tulips, Amsterdam should have a place on everyone's bucket list. The architecture, lifestyle and sense of exploration and experimentation are intriguing and the Anne Frank house is inspiring. I really want to visit, even if for just a weekend, so I can experience the culture, the history and the beauty that are the flower markets and canals.

5. The Caribbean
A day in paradise. That's all I ask for. White sandy beaches, icy-blue warm waters so clear you can see the world reflected in a single drop. Palm trees supporting the hammock I could spend days in, camped out under the sea of stars overhead. Utter bliss. Much like the Maldives, the Caribbean holds a firm place in my dreams as a honeymoon destination. The tranquility and gorgeous beaches are calling my name. Not only do they offer those, but also a huge diversity of culture, food, dance and traditions that would make an incredible experience. If I could elope, and live out the remainder of my married life abroad, this is where I'd go.

6. Dubai
The weather (around 35 degrees at 10pm at night) is what mainly attracts me to this wealthy, glittery city. Second most, is the promise of shopping, beaches and experiences like no other. Like Vegas, it's a city of splendour and intrigue. Having seen photos from people's recent holidays there, I cannot help but envy their luxurious lifestyles! Definitely a must-see destination!

7. Hong Kong
Another destination the other side of the world that I long to visit; the city of life and lights! Hong Kong, like New York, is a buzzing, neon jungle full of bright lights and wonder. The skyline is a thing of wonder in itself, with some of the tallest skyscrapers and high rise office and residential blocks, combined with the glistening neon signs, create beautiful silhouettes and twinkling lights. Obviously I want to visit their Disneyland also! I must go to them all! Just Hong Kong, Japan and California to go!

8. Iceland
I really think most of my travel wish list take inspiration from disney films! Can you guess why I want to see the northern lights? Brother Bear! Since that came out in 2003, I've always wanted to visit the northern tips of the world to see their beauty. What better location than Iceland. Hot springs, glaciers, whale watching and volcanoes, Iceland has so many things to do and see. Aurora Borealis has got to be top of my list!

Have you been to any of these incredible places? Let me know your favourite spots to visit!

What's on your bucket list?


  1. I also decided to go straight to uni without a gap year and I totally agree it's really hard when you see other people you know jetting off to all these lovely places! I really want to see the northern lights too!

    I actually made a similar post recently It'd be great if you could check it out!

    Beth xx

    1. Its so annoying, their holiday pics always look so amazing!

      oh fab, will do!

      Jasmine xx


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