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Friday, June 17, 2016

Elegant Touch | Nail Apothecary

My entire adult life I have gone through phases of having good healthy nails, brittle nails that always snap and then a period where I give up on natural nails and go for acrylics or gels. It's a vicious cycle.  I have tried taking supplements in case it's a vitamin deficiency causing the problem but I'm terrible at remembering to take them every day. Elegant Touch recently added some new products to their Nail Apothecary range, they have been developed to strengthen, protect, repair and hydrate nails. I think I have all of these problems because my nails look dry, are very prone to breakage and seem to take forever to grow. 

I tried these 3 beauties, the nail growth, nail armour and nail quencher formulas*. They are designed to be combined to create  a sort of nail prescription, this seemed like quite a novel idea and it's logical if you have more than one issue with your nails!

05 Nail Quencher is for dry and brittle nails. It promises to restore and soothe dehydrated nails and promote nail growth. It is slightly tinted which makes nails look ever so slightly pinkish and a bit healthier. 

07 Nail Armour contains collagen and keratin and aims to strengthen and harden thin nails. I found this especially good because the combination of weak nails and over zealous buffering means my nails can be tissue thin at their weakest points. This is a great formula for getting nails back to good health after acrylics have decimated them because it prevents nails peeling, cracking and splitting and is supposed to harden them over time. 

08 Nail Growth This is a salon strength formula that forms a barrier over your nails to protect them whilst 'boosting protein synthesis'. Elegant Touch recommend this baby for rebuilding nails after salon manicures!

They are £7.95 each and are available at Boots and from Elegant Touch online. Take a look at the rest of the range on our blog!

I've tried so many different nail care products that promised to harden and promote nail growth but I have always been left a little disappointed, especially if I have shelled out close to £20 for the privilege. These are an absolute bargain and so far I have been very impressed. The packing is simple and cute and I like that the key benefits and use instructions are on a little card that you can keep.

What do you do to keep your nails in shape?


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